Firedancer program has started. Find bugs on Solana and get rewards!

Firedancer is the long-awaited bug hunter bounty program on Solana. The bounty pool for bug hunters is as much as $1 million. Solana CEO encourages developers to look for any critical bugs. Time to start bug hunting?

Firedancer, a chance to win prizes and improve Solana’s network performance

The Solana network is riding the wave of memecoin popularity. It is safe to say that 2024 is the year of memecoins on Solana. Such great interest in the network is not only a great profit for the creators of the blockchain, but also significant problems for the blockchain’s throughput. The Solana network’s problems with bugs and errors have been known for a long time, so the developers decided to create a solution that would save them the most important asset, time. Firedancer is a new validator client that is supposed to improve the performance of the Solana network.

This is a bounty program that allows bug hunters to win lucrative prizes. The program pool includes as much as $1 million. It is worth adding that Firedancer has been described as a much better solution compared to “QUIC”, a data transfer protocol developed by Google. Firedancer is implemented in C and C++ programming languages, which are intended to handle large trading volumes.

What are the details of the Firedancer program?

Those wishing to participate in the bounty program will be required to complete their KYC (Know Your Client) details as part of the registration process. Bugs found in Firedancer v0.1 will be investigated and validated within 24 hours on business days. Bug hunters will then be rewarded for their efforts. Firedancer first launched on Solana’s testnet in November 2023. The program has been in development since January 30, 2023.

Bug hunters driven by profit motives can significantly contribute to improving the efficiency and speed of the Solana network. For the blockchain, this may even be a salvation, as interest in memecoins on Solana is constantly growing, as exemplified by the recent tsunami of celebrity memecoins.