Gamer Hash AI and Golem cooperation

Interest in artificial intelligence is constantly growing, which automatically increases the demand for computing power. For this reason, the news about the cooperation between Gamer Hash AI and Golem electrified the entire technological community. This cooperation was announced before the GTC conference organized by Nvidia. Honestly, this couldn't have been announced in a better or more meaningful way for the AI ​​industry. What does this cooperation mean for users?

Collaboration between Gamer Hash AI and Golem, i.e. an innovative approach to AI and computing power

Generative artificial intelligence has been delighting us with its constantly improving capabilities for over 1.5 years. However, with the enormous increase in interest in AI, there has also been an increase in the demand for computing power. The answer to these needs are DePINs, i.e. decentralized physical infrastructure networks. Put simply, these are systems in which users share the computing power of their computers and are rewarded in return.

The largest Polish projects in this sector, i.e. Gamer Hash AI and Golem, decided to establish cooperation that will bring users of both projects. Gamer Hash AI is a project powered by the $GHX token, which has been recording significant increases in recent weeks due to its high potential. Gamer Hash AI and its army of 770,000 registered users with RTX cards represent a huge amount of computing power.

It is worth adding that Gamer Hash's experience in using the potential of the decentralized network has been going on since 2017, because since then the Gamer Hash platform has been operating, enabling players to mine cryptocurrencies on their gaming equipment. The new project is Gamer Hash AI, which can be up to 15 times more efficient in providing gen AI power than in cryptocurrency mining!

Golem, an open-source platform harnessing decentralized power

Golem Network is an open-source platform that was created to maximize the possibilities available to every user. Thanks to Golem, it is possible to simulate neural networks and use the computing power of a decentralized network of computers. Huge computing power available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is worth adding that the project has recently been focusing quite heavily on generative artificial intelligence, a perfect example of which is the cooperation with Gamer Hash AI.

Gamer Hash AI and Golem cooperation – what benefits will it bring?

The main benefit is the contribution of a host of 770,000 gamers and their graphics cards to support the generative AI industry. This will allow players to earn passive income by sharing the power of their gaming computer. In turn, for the Gen AI industry, an injection of computing power supported by the global Golem network.

It is also worth mentioning the significant reduction in costs related to P2P data processing. The generative artificial intelligence industry will need more and more computing power, which is why cooperation such as Gamer Hash AI and Golem joining forces is extremely necessary to maintain the dynamics of Web3 and AI development.