Pirates of Arrland Sail to New Waters: Strategic Migration to Polygon

Design Pirates of Arrland, known for its innovative approach to the digital world of NFTs and blockchain, announces its strategic migration from ImmutableX to Polygon. This decision is dictated not so much by issues of transaction speed or costs, but by the deeper need to expand the project towards full decentralization and the development of an advanced on-chain strategic game. ImmutableX, although it offered ultra-fast transactions without fees, has limitations in the implementation of smart contract logic, which created barriers to further development of the game's vision.

Migration to Polygon opens up new development opportunities for Pirates of Arrland, allowing the full use of the potential of smart contracts and the construction of complex, fully decentralized game mechanisms. This change will not only enable us to realize our ambitions to create an advanced game world, but will also significantly increase the opportunities for community interaction and involvement in the functioning of the digital world.

Purpose of migration

The main goal of the migration is to transfer the entire project infrastructure to the Polygon blockchain, which will enable the development of a decentralized on-chain strategy game. Thanks to the use of Polygon smart contracts, Pirates of Arrland will gain a new dimension of gameplay, allowing the introduction of dynamic and interactive elements that will be fully controlled by the players' actions. This change will provide greater autonomy and influence on the development of the game world, offering users unique experiences that cannot be found in other blockchain projects.

Migration plan

As part of the first stage of migration, we successfully created and integrated the “Inhabitants” collection into the game. This was a key experience that allowed us to test and optimize the process of integrating NFT data and assets on the new platform. Next, we are very excited to announce that the Pirates Genesis NFT has just been moved to the Polygon blockchain. This is a significant step that underlines our commitment to ensuring a smooth and safe migration for all important game assets.

Plan for transfer of remaining assets

The next stages of migration will include moving the remaining key elements of our game world, such as islands, ships and items. Each of these components is an integral part of the Pirates of Arrland ecosystem and their migration is necessary to fully launch the decentralized strategy game on Polygon. Work on the transfer of these assets is already underway and is being carried out with the utmost care to ensure that all elements are transferred safely and are fully functional in the new environment.

Benefits for the Pirates of Arrland community

The migration to Polygon is a step forward in realizing our vision of a decentralized game world that is fully shaped by its users. The Pirates of Arrland community will gain access to new gameplay options, greater interaction between players and influence on the development of the game. The introduction of decentralized strategy gaming on the blockchain opens the door to limitless opportunities for creation, trade and exploration in the digital world.

pirates of arland

The future of Pirates of Arrland on Polygon

Migrating to Polygon is just the beginning of a long journey in project development. The creators plan to constantly introduce new features, develop the game world and increase community involvement. Their goal is to create a decentralized universe in which each player has a real influence on shaping the history and world of Arrland. With the support of the growing community and the opportunities offered by Polygon, Pirates of Arrland should easily reach new horizons in the digital world of blockchain gaming.

Win an NFT!

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