Robert Kiyosaki advises against investing in BTC ETFs. Why?

Robert Kiyosaki is a fan of bitcoin, although he does not invest in BTC ETF units. Why?

Robert Kiyosaki doesn't like ETFs

Bitcoin ETFs have become a gateway to the cryptocurrency market for those investors who, for various reasons, have not yet wanted to invest in “physical” cryptocurrency. Despite this, Kiyosaki is not convinced by the products.

On Friday, the famous author of motivational books he wrote on X that he does not invest in ETFs.

NO. Just as I own gold and silver coins, mines and residential houses, I do not own gold or silver ETFs or REITs, i.e. real estate ETFs.

– he admitted and added that as an entrepreneur he “prefers to stay as far away from Wall Street financial products as possible.”

Change of mind?

This post is surprising because Kiyosaki previously encouraged people to buy ETF units. He saw it as an alternative to purchasing bitcoin. However, it is possible that he treated it as something intended for those who want to be in the cryptocurrency market but are afraid of investing in BTC (e.g. due to the need to set up their own wallet).

Kiyosaki also remains a bull on bitcoin. This week he admitted that he believes the price of the cryptocurrency will reach as much as $2.3 million. He referred to the forecast of Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood. Last week, he responded to the forecast of economist Harry Dent, who warned that the price of bitcoin could fall to USD 200.

If the price of Bitcoin drops to $200 per coin, I will buy as many coins as I can

– Kiyosaki stated.

He has long been advising investors to abandon the US dollar and buy bitcoin, gold and silver (physical, of course). Looking at the current prices of these assets, it must be admitted that he was right. He also sees BTC as an ideal asset during the crisis, calling the dollar a “giant Ponzi scheme.”

Previously, Kiyosaki predicted that the bitcoin price would reach $100,000 by September, emphasizing the importance of the halving. He also stated that BTC will eventually reach a price of $300,000 this year.