Robert Kiyosaki with a crazy bitcoin prediction! Or maybe he's right?

Bitcoin's recent increases, as is usually the case, have made the media more willing to write about the cryptocurrency. In addition, famous analysts share their forecasts regarding the future valuation of BTC. Robert Kiyosaki admitted that he expects bitcoin to rise to USD 300,000 this year. Is what he wrote for X, but does it make sense?

Robert Kiyosaki predicts the price of bitcoin

Kiyosaki has been repeating the mantra for many months: buy bitcoin, gold and silver. Initially, many people mocked him, but those who trusted him now count the percentage they earned over the last year.

A few days ago, bitcoin showed new ATH on the charts of many currencies (whether it surpassed the dollar ATH is controversial, but this is secondary). Gold also started to become more expensive. So what does the author of popular books on financial intelligence advise now? Latecomers can quickly buy bitcoin or parts of it. Even a very small one.

The biggest mistake you can make is procrastination. It's important to get started (investing in BTC), even if it's only for $500. Next stop – $300,000 for Bitcoin in 2024.

– wrote on X.

Has Kiyosaki gone mad?

The question in the headline is not just advice to buy bitcoin. Today it seems more risky than a few weeks ago (due to the fact that the ATH was broken), but it may still turn out to be profitable. I mean Kiyosaki's price forecast. USD 300,000 for 1 BTC? This is theoretically possible in this cycle, but is it already this year?

Bitcoin has so far grown weaker from cycle to cycle. The reason was that the cryptocurrency market was more liquid from bull to bull, and therefore was less affected by larger capital inflows. Except now something has changed.

That “something” are ETFs, which allow the capital of a group of investors who previously stood on the sidelines and just watched to flow onto the blockchain trading floor. For various reasons. Some (e.g. institutions) were simply waiting for ETFs, others (older investors) had to overcome a technical barrier (the need to set up a portfolio). Now these people and entities are entering the market through funds. This is why bitcoin has been increasing in price at such a pace since the beginning of the year.

So is there a chance for Bitcoin for USD 300,000 this year? No one knows. However, unless a black swan occurs, cryptocurrency may positively surprise us more than once this year.

The above text does not constitute investment advice.