Artificial intelligence in North Korea? The Pyongyang regime is developing AI and machine learning

According to a report cited by Reuters, artificial intelligence in North Korea is being developed at an alarming rate. Kim Jong Un's regime uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in many areas, such as responding to epidemics and simulating war scenarios. Does the world have anything to fear?

Artificial intelligence in North Korea, an example of the dark side of AI

North Korea is often associated with a technological backwater. However, a report by Hyuk Kim of CNS California definitely dispels this popular myth. The DPRK's recent efforts to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to bring tangible benefits. According to the report, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in North Korea.

The Pyongyang regime uses AI to control nuclear reactors, respond to epidemics, simulate war scenarios, and support hacker groups such as the Lazarus Group. It is worth adding that the above-mentioned group of hackers poses an increasing threat. Cybercriminals managed to steal the equivalent of USD 1.2 billion in cryptocurrencies in the last 12 months alone. Artificial intelligence in North Korea is also used to streamline and improve the government's control over society.

Could North Korea and its use of AI be a threat to the rest of the world?

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that the DPRK's research on AI has not been ongoing since yesterday. Well, it turns out that artificial intelligence has been present in North Korea since 2013, because that's when the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established. For 11 years, the North Koreans have expanded not only the institute, but also the country's machine learning potential.

This, in turn, creates an ever-increasing danger of using artificial intelligence for military purposes. North Korea may soon be a perfect example of why restrictions and legal frameworks regarding AI are so important. Combining the exceptionally effective Lazarus Group with tools based on artificial intelligence may be particularly dangerous. South Korea's National Intelligence Service notes that it is closely monitoring the situation – and so far it does not appear that hackers have used AI for actual cyberattacks.