Epic flip at risk. The court suspends the sale of Rafał Zaorski's apartment.

The epic flip won't happen? Rafał Zaorski, as it turns out, may not be able to sell his famous apartment. The court stood in his way.

But Rafał Zaorski won't sell the apartment?

Rafał Zaorski, the first stock speculator of the Third Polish Republic, decided some time ago to sell his luxurious apartment at ul. Złota 44. The property was to be divided between as many as 20,000 people. shareholders. In other words, he tokenized the property and sold the shares for PLN 5,000 each.

Sounds like a very controversial idea. At least according to current legal realities. Zaorski himself defended himself by saying that it was a social experiment. He wanted to check how people would behave in such a place that is their common value. And in fact, the writer himself would like to find out whether investors would care about the property or perhaps treat it – despite the payment – as something that does not belong to them.

However, his neighbors decided to slow down Rafał's sociological experiments. They want to block the sale of the apartment for PLN 20,000. shareholders. Not interested in social sciences? Or maybe they just don't like crowds?

Epic flip – what exactly is it about?

To better understand what is happening, we need to go back to 2022. In June of that year, Zaorski bought apartment number 504 for PLN 22.9 million. The premises have an area worthy of a single apartment – 480 square meters.

Raphael organized frequent parties in his district principality, which probably did not particularly please the neighbors. The idea of ​​selling the apartment for PLN 5,000 was the final straw. people.

The price of one share also aroused considerable controversy. If Zaorski sold the entire package, he would obtain an amount that would allow him to buy further, equally large premises on Złota. But apart from that, the neighbors were terrified by the sight of thousands of people milling around the building. People who couldn't even afford the M-2 in Praga! This was too much.

The court banned the sale

The housing community of multimillionaires decided to go to war with Zaorski. In her opinion, the bully in the red cap was disturbing the domestic order. In addition, it is not possible for all future micro-owners to use the apartment “taking into account generally applicable legal regulations regarding, for example, fire safety”.

The case was brought to the District Court in Warsaw, which issued a decision to secure the claim. To put it simply: it banned the sale of premises using shares. Let us add that it is temporary.

In response, Zaorski boasted that he already had over 7,000 subscriptions for over 56,000 shares.

Despite your willingness to buy the apartment, I cannot sell it to you. From this moment, my claims against the community arise for lost profits resulting from blocking this transaction. We are starting a court battle over whether the owner has the right to use his property in accordance with the Civil Code and the Constitution, and whether his rights are protected in Poland or not. This was also what this experiment was about

he said in the video.

This made the case even more interesting. It concerns Zaorski's right to manage his property.

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