TON is entering the mainstream! Why is it worth getting interested in TON now?

The Open Network, built on the basis of Telegram Open Network, is currently becoming more and more popular. The cryptocurrency community notices this blockchain, as evidenced by specific numbers – such as the daily peak TPS (transactions per secondo) of 649 transactions. What is TON today, what will it become in the near future and why is it worth getting interested in this project now?

A project that rose like a phoenix from the ashes

The Open Network is a project that was built on the remains of the Telegram Open Network, a blockchain network created by the Telegram platform team. As is known, the creators abandoned the original Telegram Open Network due to a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The American regulator led a real crusade against ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects in 2020 and attacked Ripple, Facebook and Telegram with its actions.

The TON project was so interesting that the developers – and, above all, the Telegram community – decided to build TON anew. This time it was The Open Network and it turned out to be a hit. This ecosystem gathers an increasing number of users who see potential in many aspects of The Open Network. Some even claim that 2024 may be a breakthrough for this project.

TON attracts attention – increasing interest in the cryptocurrency community

Interest in the cryptocurrency industry means that more and more people are looking for niche projects with great potential. It is worth emphasizing that the growing popularity of TON is evidenced primarily by numbers and hard data. Currently, the daily TPS in The Open Network is 649, while for comparison in the Ethereum network it is only 22. In this case, it is mainly about the transaction price, which in the TON network is on average USD 0.00437.

The growing popularity of the TON network means that more and more investors are interested in The Open Network and see huge potential in this network. This can be seen, for example, in the example of NFTs minted on TON. The prices of such NFT collections are systematically increasing. It is worth adding that TON also has its own Polish community – TonPoland. This community is actively developing both on Telegram and on Portal X, so it is definitely worth following.

The year 2024 is crucial for the entire cryptocurrency market, so now is the best time to be interested in The Open Network and the opportunities it offers.