Nvidia is not slowing down. It introduces a special graphics card intended for the Chinese market

2023 is the year of artificial intelligence, which has been transformed throughout the last 12 months by all means. Many technology companies have felt the wave of this trend, with Nvidia being a prime example. The graphics card manufacturer is not slowing down and is introducing a graphics card to the Chinese market that is compliant with the export control requirements imposed by the United States government. Will the development of AI and clever adaptation to regulations make Nvidia a key technological player in 2024?

Nvidia introduces a new graphics card intended for the Chinese market

The popularity of artificial intelligence in 2023 has exceeded analysts' expectations. The boom in AI has given all companies dealing with this topic directly and indirectly a unique opportunity to develop. A perfect example of this is the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia. This company has achieved tremendous growth in 2023 as it is one of the top graphics card manufacturers in the world. These are widely used in neural networks and in artificial intelligence training.

The company definitely wants to dominate in this sector, as evidenced by the release of a special graphics card on the Chinese market that circumvents, or rather complies with, export control requirements. These requirements were imposed by President Joe Biden's administration in October 2022. The new GeForce RTX 4090 D graphics card has been designed with full compliance with US government export controls. This is therefore a clever bypass of the embargo that prohibited the sale of the A800 and H800 systems and the RTX 4090 card on the Chinese market.

Nvidia is not giving up on the Chinese market

China is one of the main sales markets for Nvidia, and the Chinese artificial intelligence chip market is currently valued at over USD 7 billion. Nvidia exports 90% of its graphics cards to the Chinese market. The company has repeatedly warned that the long-term achievements of the U.S. AI sector could suffer if export bans to China become too restrictive. Despite the ban, Nvidia announced a record $18 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2023 alone and pointed to generative artificial intelligence as the main driver of the corporation's revenue.