Logan Paul is trying to untwist the CryptoZoo scandal. He'll pay a lot for it

Logan Paul has personally committed to purchasing CryptoZoo tokens and will allocate USD 2.3 million for this purpose. His actions are, of course, the result of a huge scandal that has been going on for over 2 years. The failed CryptoZoo project turned out to be a big stain on the YouTuber's PR image, which is why Logan Paul is trying to undo the situation. Moreover, Paul also filed a lawsuit against the co-creators of the NFT project at the same time.

Logan Paul and the future of the CryptoZoo NFT project

The world of cryptocurrencies and Web3 attracts more and more people who see the potential to earn money in it. These are not just ordinary people. “gray” citizens wanting to increase their capital, but also celebrities and influencers. One of such people is Logan Paul, a YouTuber and wrestler who launched the CryptoZoo NFT project in 2021. The premise of this project was simple, as the influencer wanted to create an NFT-based Web3 game with images of animals. Simple and family-friendly content.

Lonag Paul's reach is impressive, as he has 23.6 million subscribers on YouTube alone. Such a large number of followers contributed to enormous interest in the project. People were purchasing NFTs en masse to gain an advantage in an upcoming game… that never actually came out. Initially, Logan Paul completely ignored the topic and the fact that months and quarters passed and the game still did not appear even in the alpha version. Ultimately, Paul admitted that his two partners withdrew from the project. The community gathered around the influencer began to demand a solution to the case and compensation for people who got involved in CryptoZoo and bought NFTs.

Paul will buy the CryptoZoo NFT for $2.3 million

Logan Paul announced on his social media that he will buy CryptoZoo NFT and allocate USD 2.3 million for it. Their holders have until February 8 to submit their claims. At the same time, Paul sued two of the project's co-founders. Of course, the story of this Web3 scam project will continue for months, if not years to come. Nevertheless, it is comforting that an influencer with such reach decided to compensate those who believed in the project.

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