Do US voters prefer Democrats or Republicans? Surprising survey results

Paradigm decided to check whether political sympathies are correlated with whether a person invests in cryptocurrencies. The study results are surprising. US voters can be fans of both bitcoin and the Democratic Party at the same time.

US voters and the issue of cryptocurrencies

According to a new survey published by the investment company Paradigm, Democratic voters are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the percentage of such people is higher in the camp of Joe Biden's supporters than in the Republican electorate. This is surprising because Democrats are proposing bills that may inhibit the adoption of bitcoin in the US. Their rivals in Congress are on the other side of the front.

Investors do not trust either one or the other. Politicians in general can ruin everything – respondents seem to answer.

Paradigm found that a total of 19% of U.S. registered voters own cryptocurrencies. This group included 19% Democrats, 18% Republicans and 24% independents. However, only 7% of voters own cryptocurrencies worth over $1,000.

Trump for president!

Who will BTC fans vote for in this year's elections? 48% want to see Donald Trump in the White House, and only 39% choose Joe Biden. The remaining 13% were undecided.

This is a significant change from the last presidential election, in which 43% of cryptocurrency owners voted for Biden and 39% for Trump.

Taken together, these data show that cryptocurrency owners are themselves a swing voting demographic that could prove decisive.

– the authors of the study indicate the political potential of bitcoin supporters.

This is probably why independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is fighting for the votes of cryptocurrency investors. Earlier, Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy followed a similar strategy. The former, however, has no real chance of success – almost as usual, independent candidates are crushed by the democratic-republican roller. DeSantis and Ramaswamy withdrew from the race when it turned out that Trump's lead over them was too great.

The eccentric Donald himself recently admitted that he sees an increase in the popularity of bitcoin. He added that “you can somehow live with cryptocurrency.” He is the favorite in the election, so his opinion is very important.

The survey was conducted from February 28 to March 4 and involved 1,000 respondents. The margin of error is 3.5%.