Bitcoin emoji, an initiative of the cryptocurrency community!

The Bitcoin craze is in full swing, and Satoshi Nakamoto's cryptocurrency is also becoming more and more popular in the world of traditional finance. The cryptocurrency community is currently coming out with an extremely interesting action initiated by the Nexo cryptocurrency exchange. The idea is to create a bitcoin emoji that would be available on the most popular social networking sites.

Bitcoin emoji – who needs it and why?

The fourth bitcoin halving is a round anniversary that the cryptocurrency community wants to celebrate appropriately. Bitcoin has become a symbol of the steadfastness of the ideas of its creator, the still anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. The king of cryptocurrencies has gone from an interesting cryptographic project to a digital asset accepted by Wall Street. That's why the digital asset community said the king deserves a bitcoin emoji. Since almost everything already has its own emoji, why should such an important symbol of the cryptocurrency community still be omitted? According to research conducted by Unicode, as many as 92% of Internet users around the world use emojis every day. It's time for bitcoin to have its own spin.

The initiator of this original action is the Nexo cryptocurrency exchange. The co-founder of Nexo, Kosta Kantchev, says this about the entire project:

Bitcoin's journey reflects a unique combination of innovation and community. It's time for its importance to be recognized around the world, starting with a symbol we all understand – the emoji. Join us to make history together.

You too can take part in the creation of bitcoin emoji!

The Bitcoin Emoji initiative is actually a petition that anyone can sign. If you think that BTC should finally have its own emoji, all you need to do is submit your virtual signature, i.e. name, surname and email address. Although the project was launched recently, over 5,600 people have already signed it.

The first step in the process of creating Bitcoin Emoji is to collect 1,350,000 signatures. The creators joke that there will easily be 21,000,000 signatures, thus referring to the maximum number of BTC. The petition, along with supporting documents (such as Bitcoin's cultural impact), will then be submitted to Unicode. The entire process on the Unicode Consortium side should take some time.