GamerHash AI and BNB Chain “strengthen” their cooperation: a new stage of project development

We have more great news from the GamerHash AI camp. The project joins forces with BNB Chain!

GamerHash AI and BNB Chain

The GamerHash AI project has just announced a “strengthening” of its cooperation with BNB Chain. What is it actually about?

GamerHash AI is pleased to announce the strengthening of its partnership with BNB Chain and becoming its ecosystem project in the DePIN space.

Using the BNB Greenfield network, GamerHash AI will improve its decentralization. As a result, 770,000 gamers will have access to AI services provided by GamerHash AI through Greenfield

– we read in message companies.

If someone hasn't followed the activities of BNB Chain and GamerHash AI so far, I'm in a hurry to explain the individual concepts.

DePIN is a type of network that rewards users with tokens. The system is designed to encourage the latter to share their resources (e.g. processors, mass memory) in order to create an infrastructure offering given services. GamerHash AI operates within such a network.

You can read about Greenfield in our article BNB Greenfield. Discover the new blockchain for storing data.

Continuous development drives the course

The people behind GamerHash AI are worth praising for constantly developing their project. Their main goal is to use the computing power of network users' computers to create images or animations using generative AI models.

Any player who has a gaming PC with an Nvidia RTX graphics card can join the initiative. This card will provide computing power. This will help generate the above-mentioned graphics or animations.

How exactly does it work? Players, armed with powerful graphics processors, use their cards to generate graphics. Therefore, they drive the entire machine for creating artistic projects. According to the assumptions, the DePIN network, which GamerHash AI is building, will be able to generate up to billions of images for its users. Computing power providers receive tokens in return. And the entire mechanism winds itself!

The constant development of the project drives the price of the GHX token. This one is currently priced at $0.31. At the end of February, the price for it was only… USD 0.057. This proves that it is worth investing in initiatives that have strong foundations and potential for development.