Robert Kiyosaki explains why bitcoin is superior to gold

Robert Kiyosaki shows what the advantage of bitcoin is over gold and silver. His words should give investors food for thought.

Robert Kiyosaki explains why bitcoin is better than gold

Let's start with the fact that Kiyosaki, a well-known author of motivational and financial intelligence books (including Rich dad, poor dad), has come a long way. His first publications showed that he recommended investing in real estate. But this is a game for big boys with a lot of capital.

This may be why Kiyosaki started recommending his fans buy gold and silver. It was supposedly better than buying an apartment straight away, but over time, the famous author discovered something perfect. Bitcoin!

I love gold and silver. I own (shares of) a gold and silver mine. The problem with gold and silver, however, is that the higher their prices, the more gold and silver can be found (on the market – the mining then increases). Same with oil. (…) This is not the case with bitcoin. No matter how high the price of Bitcoin goes, there will only be 21 million (Bitcoins). That's why I love bitcoin

he confessed Kiyosaki's feelings.

Gold doesn't shine like that anymore

It is worth adding that gold as an asset for long-term investing has faded a bit. At least compared to bitcoin, which recently broke its ATH from the previous cycle and drew new ones. In recent months, it has earned its investors incomparably more than the metal of kings.

However, it is difficult to compare both assets. Bitcoin is still a risky asset. Gold is a safe investment that will guide us through the worst hell. But there is a price for this safe investment. The payment is a low profit, or more precisely: preservation of the value of capital in times of high inflation. Cryptocurrency allows you to multiply your savings, which makes it a great addition to your gold investment portfolio.

The above text does not constitute investment advice. You always invest in the market at your own risk.

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