Figure 01, the terrifyingly human fruit of OpenAI's collaboration with Figure!

OpenAI decided to compete with Elon Mask not only in the AI ​​industry, but also in robotics. The result of cooperation with the Figure startup is Figure 01, a humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence from OpenAI. In the recording shown, Figure 01 shows its capabilities, which are downright terrifyingly human. Will Androids soon become part of our everyday life?

Figure 01 is a worthy opponent of Optimus?

Although it sounds a bit like an announcement of the latest Transformers movie, the humanoid robot from Tesla actually has a worthy opponent on the market. The presented Figure 01 from the American startup Figure is impressive not only in terms of motor capabilities, but also intelligence, or more precisely, artificial intelligence from OpenAI. A video showing the capabilities of Figure 01 was uploaded on March 13 and took social media by storm.

The robot is able to communicate freely with humans and recognize objects in real time. What's more. Figure 01 was able to distinguish an apple from other objects on the table and select it when the presenter asked him for something to eat. What is impressive is the excellent manual dexterity of the Android, the smoothness of which is downright surprising. The robot was able to easily lift a glass or plate and place it on the dish drying rack.

The robotic future of many industries – will Androids actually become widely used?

Both the robot from Elon Musk and the one from the startup Figure and OpenAI are presented as commercial humanoid robots. Their main goal is to help people as much as possible, and the target group of recipients are individual customers and companies. Such androids will be able to perform a number of manual tasks. This, in turn, will affect the labor market because companies will get employees who do not need holidays.

Of course, robotization of the market and individual industries will be a process lasting at least several years. However, it may turn out that androids are a profitable solution, especially in repetitive manual work, e.g. in production plants. So far, it seemed that one of the biggest tycoons in this industry was Tesla, which recently presented the manual abilities of Optimus, their best humanoid robot. Figure 01, however, showed that it can be a full-fledged competition for Optimus.