Buying a Tesla for dogecoins? Elon Musk does not exclude this option!

The fact that Elon Musk is a devoted supporter of dogecoin has been known for many years. The billionaire shared on the X website that purchasing a Tesla for dogecoins may soon be a reality. Apparently, Tesla factory workers often suggest this. Will dogecoin actually become the official payment method for Tesla soon?

Purchasing Tesla for dogecoins is possible – Elon Musk talks about DOGE again

The founder of Spacex and Tesla is known for his cryptocurrency love for dogecoin. He has been supporting the project for years and very often his statements had a positive effect on the price of PSE. This time the support may be much more real, because Elon Musk stated that purchasing Tesla for dogecoins may soon become a reality. This information was revealed on March 13, during Elon Musk's visit to Tesla's giga factory in Berlin. During a conversation with employees, a question was asked whether purchasing Tesla for dogecoins would be possible in the near future. Musk responded positively to this inquiry, stating that:

I think we should introduce something like this at some point

According to Musk's posts on X, he considers DOGE to be the cryptocurrency of ordinary people, and that is why he has been supporting it so strongly and faithfully for several years. Musk adds that many Tesla and Spacex employees raise this topic.

DOGE to the moon! Musk's words again influence the price of the dogcoin

Elon has made the DOGE price soar more than once after his words about the popular memecoin. This time it's exactly the same. The possibility of implementing dogecoin as an official payment method at Tesla detonated the DOGE rate. Within 24 hours, it increased by nearly 9% to USD 0.1862. There is still a lot left to beat dogecoin's ATH, but the upward trend initiated by Musk's entry and in the spring on the cryptocurrency market brings DOGE to levels that have not been seen since 2021.

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It is worth adding that dogecoin can also be implemented as an official means of payment in the comprehensive X application, which Musk and his team are actively working on. X is to be something like the Asian WeChat, and the billionaire's announcement shows that the omni-application will also include payments with digital assets.