Elon Musk's Android folds T-shirts. Is the labor market about to undergo a revolution?

Optimus is an android from Elon Musk who has a chance to become a publicly available robotic employee. While this sounds hyper-optimistic, the latest clip with Optimus clearly demonstrates his precision. Elon Musk shared a video of Optimus… folding a T-shirt. Will the labor market soon be filled with androids capable of performing even the most complex manual tasks?

Android from Elon Musk, i.e. a robotic employee who does not need holidays

The pace of development of today's robotics and artificial intelligence industry may cause some concern. It turns out that the scenarios we know from anime, films and sci-fi games from the turn of the century are not that far from reality. The owner of Portal X focuses not only on the development of his own artificial intelligence, but also robotics. The improved Optimus presented in recent months is impressive. Elon Musk's Android not only shows amazing motor coordination, but above all impresses with the precision of robotic hands.

The Optimus clip uploaded yesterday proves that hand precision is not only about moving objects, but also folding a T-shirt. The robot first pulls the T-shirt from the basket, turns it over, recognizing the upper part, and then folds it. The finesse of the movements is reminiscent of a Zen meditation master.

Will Optimus and other androids start taking jobs?

The main idea behind the creation of Optimus was to relieve people of the most repetitive and dangerous tasks and work. Although it seemed like pure science fiction when the entire project was announced a few years ago, subsequent presentations of the next versions of Optimus actually begin to suggest certain conclusions. Elon Musk's Android is supposed to be an effective way to fill employee shortages. In other words, androids are intended to fill these gaps and replace workers.

Is such a scenario even possible? Looking at the degree of progressing automation in a huge number of industries, we can safely assume that in the near future (5-10) years, robo-workers will become the standard. Such an employee will not need time off or sick leave. It will work 24/7 with breaks for repairs and maintenance. Android from Elon Musk may therefore have a very large impact on the shape of the labor market in the next decades.