Jamie Dimon laughs at BTC ETFs. The billionaire once again criticizes Bitcoin

Billionaire and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is striking out at bitcoin again. This time, the excuse to mock Satoshi Nakamoto's cryptocurrency is the approval of spot BTC ETF funds by the American regulator. In an interview with CNBC's Squawk Box, Jamie Dimon argued that BTC is only used to circumvent the law.

Jamie Dimon confirms his long-held beliefs about bitcoin

Although Bitcoin is attracting record interest today due to the debut of spot BTC ETFs, the first cryptocurrency has constant, dedicated and committed critics. One of them is billionaire, banker and CEO of JPMorgan – Jamie Dimon. His critical statements regarding Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market are well known in the blockchain community.

Jamie Dimon decided to criticize bitcoin once again, and this time he did it during an interview organized for the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos. The interview was organized by CNBC, and the host asked what Jamie Dimon thought about BTC ETFs. At the very beginning, Dimon noted that he hoped this would be the last time he spoke about cryptocurrencies on CNBC.

He began his tirade by praising blockchain technology, which he believed could be used in the world of “real finance.” When he moved on to commenting on Bitcoin, he clearly stated that BTC is only used to circumvent the law (fraud, tax evasion, human trafficking) and has no value. At the same time, Jamie Dimon laughed that he cannot forbid anyone from investing in BTC ETFs, so he has nothing against it.

Dimon Says The Government Will Be Forced to Destroy Bitcoin!

During the interview, Jamie Dimon admitted that he does not believe that the number of bitcoins is limited to only 21 million. According to him, in the very near future, Satoshi Nakamoto may reveal himself and, with a mocking laugh, delete the entire project. The guests invited to the discussion did not agree with Dimon's theses and wanted to argue with him.

However, he cut the topic short and indiscriminately ending the conversation with the statement “please stop talking about this shit”. Dimon's final opinion was that if BTC continues to be used for criminal purposes, the US government will have to shut down bitcoin – whatever Dimon thinks that means.