Donald Trump and Ordinals? The new NFT collection will use inscriptions on the BTC blockchain

What do Donald Trump and Ordinals have in common? It turns out that quite a lot already, because the latest collection of 200 NFT collectible cards will be saved on the BTC blockchain. The new project is a continuation of the former US president's interest in the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and Web3.

Donald Trump and Ordinals, the latest collection of NFT cards saved on the BTC blockchain

The year 2024 is the time of elections in the United States, in which Donald Trump will be Joe Biden's main rival. For this reason, the former president is looking for ways to reach as many voters as possible. One idea to achieve this goal is another collection of NFT cards. This time, however, it will be something completely unusual.

Donald Trump and Ordinals is a collection of NFTs that will be minted on the most important blockchain in the cryptocurrency world. These will be 200 cards minted on the BTC blockchain using the Ordinals inscription. It is worth adding that the Ordinals protocol itself has recently enjoyed great interest. For this reason, Trump's idea of ​​diversifying his new collection of 200 cards is an effective way to attract attention.

Collectors will also receive VIP invitations to events organized by Trump

According to information from the Collect Trump Cards account on Portal X, two hundred people who purchase 100 NFTs in a single transaction will receive a special card with a unique inscription. Additionally, 200 lucky people will also receive two VIP tickets to an event organized by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Labo.

It is worth adding that previous collections of NFT trading cards from Donald Trump were very popular. The Mug-shot Edition collection that launched in December 2023 (minted on Polygon) sold out in just a few hours. This time, the Donald Trump and Ordinals team-up may cause the card collection to sell out even faster. It must be admitted that the former US president is a perfect example of how creatively you can use Web3 and the latest trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. The choice of the Ordinals protocol is not accidental, because inscriptions on the BTC blockchain are rapidly growing in popularity.

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