Bitcoin on Mount Everest. A cryptocurrency investor wants to reach the “top of the world”

Bitcoin is rising to the top. And I mean that literally. 23-year-old Dadvan Yousuf plans to “hoist the bitcoin flag at the top of the world”, Mount Everest. He wants to emphasize “global disproportions in access to financial education.”

Bitcoin on Mount Everest

In a post on February 28, Dadvan Yousuf announced that he had a plan to climb the highest mountain in the world. This is to be done in April. He takes with him not only a warm jacket and socks, but also a flag with the Bitcoin logo.

Interestingly, it's not just about the empty gesture of planting the BTC flag at the top. The aim of the climb is to highlight “global disproportions in access to financial education.”

Yousuf may not be widely known, but he has been investing in BTC for many years. In 2011, he reportedly bought bitcoin for approximately $340. Then he invested in ether and NFTs. He made quite a fortune from this. The Iraqi-born 23-year-old currently runs a business in Dubai and had a net worth of over $300 million as of January 2022.

Despite the above, he seems to lack emotions in his life. And that's where the idea to climb to the top of the world came from. This is quite a challenge. Threatening to kill. In 2023 alone, eighteen people died while trying to conquer Mount Everest. Some of them ended their lives in the “death zone”, i.e. at altitudes above 8,000 meters.

A cluttered peak

The expedition is intended to promote not only BTC and financial knowledge, but also an ecological lifestyle. The problem on Mount Everest today is… garbage. People who reach the peak leave their oxygen cylinders, food and camping equipment on the way. Yousuf wants to climb to 8,849 meters with all the equipment. He doesn't intend to litter the mountain. He will even take the BTC flag back with him.

I undertake not to leave any traces, including any flags

– he told Cointelegraph.

Bitcoin has fundamentally changed my life since it first entered it. When Bitcoin reaches its all-time high (price), I plan to fly the Bitcoin flag at the top of the world

– he promissed. However, this may be delayed, as the cryptocurrency may exceed its ATH before April.

It is worth recalling that already in 2018, three cryptocurrency enthusiasts announced that they planned to bring the Ledger wallet to the top. One of them died during the descent.