Robinhood already in Europe. Guaranteed welcome bonus for registration! Get 10-20 EUR, with a chance to win 1 BTC!

Robinhood is a well-known American platform offering trading in cryptocurrencies and shares of individual companies. Now the company is starting its operations in Europe and on this occasion it has prepared a brilliant promotion for users. It's completely free to grab even up to 1 BTC for registration. Although in most cases the prizes range from EUR 10 to EUR 20 (I managed to win EUR 19.7 😉 ). In this guide, I will show you how to get a special offer and increase your chances of getting even bigger bonuses, already at the early stage of use.

Robinhood is synonymous with security and stability

Fueled by many years of success overseas, Robinhood continues to expand the brand to the Old Continent and offers users a truly brilliant offer. The company actually made sure that the launch of their platform would come with a number of benefits. Firstly – and probably most importantly for many investors – cryptocurrency trading in the application will not involve any commissions. This is important because fees for intermediaries can often consume a significant part of the profits generated. The security of the collected assets is equally important, and this is guaranteed by a well-developed two-step verification.

In fact, each user can use as many as three solutions that significantly increase the security of their Robinhood account. The basic and most popular security measures are: SMS codes, which serve as an authorization tool when logging into the application. In addition, the investor can (if his smartphone has such functionality) use biometric authentication using a fingerprint. Finally, each account has a so-called “backup code”, which is the last resort to regain access to your wallet if all other solutions fail. My best advice – don't give it to anyone.

How to claim free bitcoins?

I will now show you step by step how to pick up up to 1 bitcoin for free just for registration in the famous Robinhood application. Importantly, the company offers a welcome bonus only for people who join from a referral link, so it is so important that you go through this guide with me step by step. Otherwise, you may miss out on the opportunity to receive free dollars.

What should you do to qualify for the welcome bonus?

I recommend the entire transition registration process on your smartphone, because you will need to use it when installing the Robinhood application. To make it easier to claim your welcome bonus, open this article on your mobile device.

In the first step, go to Robinhood app registration page. To be 100% sure that you will receive a sign-up bonus, be sure to use this link!

Then click the button “Sign up”to be redirected to the next page.

Robinhood Crypto app invitation screen

In this step, enter your email address. IMPORTANT – this must be the e-mail address to which you will later set up an account with the mentioned intermediary.

Enter your email address to receive your BTC welcome bonus from Robinhood Crypto


Now, on your smartphone, find the application in the App Store (if you have an iOS device) or in Google Play (for Android) Robinhood Crypto. For your convenience, I have included the relevant links above. Download the application and proceed to account registration by clicking “Sign up”.

Going through the whole thing the registration process is not only quick, but also very simple, the first step will be to provide the e-mail address with which you want to register your account. This is an extremely important step, because in order to receive the registration bonus, you must provide the same address you reported earlier on the reference page. If you haven't done so yet, this is your last chance to grab free bitcoin funds.

In the next step, create a good and strong password. If you don't know how to do it, go to my guide, where I describe this issue in detail.

The entire registration process will require you to provide specific contact details and submit selected declarations that are legally required in the European Union. However, completing the KYC procedure is very simple, because Robinhood guides us through it step by step. It is not possible to do anything other than what the application tells us to do at a given moment.

To complete the registration process and receive a welcome bonus, simply take photos of one of the 3 documents, such as an ID card, passport or driving license. Then you need to scan your face in the application using your smartphone's camera, which takes literally a dozen or so seconds. Don't worry, this is standard procedure for centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms, and Robinhood has enjoyed a good reputation among investors and financial institutions for years. Data verification is extremely fast, so you should have access to the dashboard in just a few minutes.

Once you have created your account you should see this notification about receiving a welcome bonus for joining by recommendation. The reward will be registered as a transaction in the “History” tab, which can be found in the lower right corner.

After acceptance, the main screen of the application will appear, the graphic design of which looks really good.

Graphic design of the Robinhood Crypto app for EU

According to Robinhood's customer service, 98% of the prizes distributed will range from 10-20 in BTC. However, it is possible to get larger bonuses, but unfortunately it is only a matter of luck. Perhaps you will receive up to 1 bitcoin in the registration reward.

In the conditions specified by Robinhood, there is a provision that a new user must perform at least: 1 cryptocurrency transaction worth 10 euros. However, there is no time limit for this. Therefore, I recommend that after 30 days from receiving the welcome bonus, deposit your own 10 euros for trading (i.e. buying and selling BTC) and then withdrawing the entire amount back, including any outstanding funds you received for free from Robinhood.

Everything you need to know about the Robinhood app

The time of the European debut is the moment when many of the announced utilities are not yet available. For example, it is currently not possible to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies to our Robinhood virtual wallet account. Despite this, you can make purchases and sales transactions using fiat currencies. This means that your funds are real and you can withdraw them to your bank account at any time. Please remember that such an event will be taxable. It may be worth waiting until the creators introduce the possibility of transfers on selected blockchains. As they announce, it will happen soon. The industry speculates that the premiere of new functions will take place in 2024.

As for bank transfers to and from the platform, they work great. Robinhood supports SEPA transfers, which means that funds are either immediately transferred to your account or it takes up to 2 days for them to arrive. So far, I haven't noticed any problems with transfers, which is a very positive sign, because the application is only in the early phase of use. In addition the application boasts the lowest transaction fees compared to the competition. This means that by depositing an example amount of 50 into your Robinhood account and buying ETH for it, you will receive quantitatively more cryptocurrency than on other centralized exchanges.

At the moment, users can purchase one of them over 25 cryptocurrencies available on the platform. In the future to assets such as BTC, ETH, MATIC or ATOM other known tokens are to be included. However, there is nothing to complain about, because it is now practically possible all of the most popular cryptocurrencies are offered by an American intermediary.

The process of acquiring digital assets via the application is very intuitive and simple. The user can only operate on two buttons: “Buy” and “Sell”, which correspond to a buy and sell order. Of course, a prior fiat deposit or having a selected cryptocurrency in your wallet is required to complete the transaction. What is important, Cryptocurrency transactions with Robinhood Crypto can be carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The American platform is therefore in no way inferior to the competition.

The company started its operations on… Old Continent launched dedicated support department for the mentioned region. Please direct any questions or concerns to: Considering the company's good reputation among American investors, we can hope that European customers will be able to count on equally dignified treatment. The company is insured against possible system problems and damage resulting from cybersecurity breaches, which guarantees the security of its clients' funds.

Number of tokens and cashback available for using Robinhood

Get more free cryptocurrencies with Robinhood

The welcome bonus is not the only attraction that Robinhood has prepared for new users at the start of its European operations. In order to encourage users to conduct transactions using the platform, the application offers from 0.10% to even 0.325% cashback (i.e. return on trades) depending on the trade volume. This rule applies regardless of what cryptocurrency you trade on. However, cashback will always come only in bitcoin. Its approval will not be necessary manually.

The refund from all transactions will be automatically transferred to your account once a month, however, if you do not reach the minimum total transaction volume of EUR 100 in a given settlement period, the cashback will be “rolled over” to the next month, and so on – until you meet the above condition. So the most important thing is this returns from previous months do not expire. As in the case of the welcome bonus, cashback can be withdrawn 30 days after receiving it.