Do Kwon's extradition to the US remains on hold. The saga of the Terraform founder continues

Do Kwon's extradition to the US postponed again. The Court of Appeal in Montenegro has again overturned a lower court's decision to extradite the Terraform founder to the United States. Do Kwon is still in a Montenegrin prison. It is worth adding that this is another victory for Do Kwon when it comes to appealing extradition to both the US and South Korea.

Do Kwon's extradition in doubt? Another appeal won by the Korean

The saga of the Terraform founder continues, and there is no indication that Do Kwon will face American or Korean justice any time soon. Do Kwon's extradition to USD has been postponed again. On March 5, the Court of Appeal annulled the decision of the Supreme Court of Podgorica. He argued that the Supreme Court's decision was vitiated by “significant violations of the criminal procedure provisions” of local laws.

Do Kwon's appeal was successful again. Again, because on December 14, 2023 and February 8 this year, Do Kwon also avoided extradition to both the US and South Korea. These events are another stage in the complicated situation of the founder of Terraform, who, after the fall of Terra in mid-2022, fled to Montenegro, where he was arrested for possessing false documents. Both the US and South Korea have since been trying to extradite the Korean to bring him to justice. Unsuccessfully.

Do Kwon's victory resulted in… an increase in the price of Terra LUNA!

Do Kwon's extradition is still in question, and subsequent victories of the Terraform founder are widely echoed in the cryptocurrency community. Interestingly, yesterday's winning appeal influenced the price of the collapsed cryptocurrency, Terra Luna. At one point, the price increased by as much as 40%, but the decline was equally rapid. The current rate is USD 0.0002126, and the ATH before the collapse was USD 119.19.

The consequences of Do Kwon's actions led to the loss of billions of USD in investor funds, so the resurrection or reactivation of the project is as likely as Sam Bankman-Fried's re-entry into the industry. It is worth adding, however, that Do Kwon's extradition to the USA or South Korea is not certain, and the options of postponing or even invalidating the trial are still possible.