The Key to an Interactive Sports Ecosystem

Zetly is a modern blockchain platform designed to revolutionize fan engagement and monetization in the sports industry. By bridging the gap between sports entities (clubs, athletes, federations) and their fans, Zetly leverages Web3 technology to offer more interactive and engaging experiences. The platform uses blockchain to ensure transparency, security, and authenticity in all transactions and interactions, creating a trusted environment for both fans and sports entities. The ZET token is a central element of the Zetly ecosystem, allowing users to participate in sports quizzes, vote in polls, and make secure payments. The Zetly platform engages fans by introducing unique tokenomics solutions, such as the token burning mechanism, which contributes to the stability and growth of ZET.

ZET Token – benefits of having it

Owning the Zetly token (ZET) brings a number of benefits. First of all, ZET holders have the opportunity to purchase tokens at attractive prices during public sales, which may bring significant profits in the future. Additionally, the Zetly platform offers interactive features and loyalty programs that bring fans closer to their favorite teams and athletes.

The ZET token also serves as the primary means of participating in sports quizzes, where you can earn prizes for your knowledge. The token provides a convenient and secure payment and settlement method in the Zetly ecosystem, as well as participation in AirDrop and Bounty programs. ZET tokens can also be used to reward and motivate fan engagement and participation in social activities.

The ZET token is intended to be used primarily on the platform and within a limited network of merchants and partners that have agreements with Zetly. This network is intended to expand as the Zetly platform evolves and new partnerships are formed. ZET utility tokens can be exchanged for goods and services related to the Zetly platform once it is fully developed.

Zetly’s long-term vision includes a clearly defined roadmap and strategic partnerships that aim to revolutionize the sports and Web3 industries. ZET holders can also take advantage of a unique referral program that allows you to earn rewards for early participation and help grow the Zetly community.

ZET token burning mechanism

Zetly is envisioning a token burning feature as part of its tokenomics strategy. The token burning feature involves permanently removing tokens from circulation, which reduces the total supply of available tokens. This process is triggered in specific cases to help stabilize and potentially increase the value of the ZET token by controlling its supply.

Here are examples of the token burning mechanism:

Sports Quizzes: Zetly plans to burn a portion of tokens used in sports quizzes. Currently, 2% of all tokens won in sports quizzes will be burned each time players use ZET to participate.

Burning Tokens in Voting Pools: Players can use ZET tokens to vote and influence game parameters. All tokens used in these voting pools will also be burned.

Burning Unsold Tokens: Tokens that remain unsold during token sale rounds (private sale, pre-sale, launchpad sale) will also be burned. This action is intended to prevent oversupply of tokens, which could negatively impact their value.


Token burning triggers

The token burning process is automatically triggered by the smart contract under the following conditions:

During sports quizzes: This is when 2% of the tokens from the prize pool are automatically burned.

When voting in Voting Pools: Automatic burning of all tokens used to vote.

After token sale rounds: Automatic burning of unsold tokens.

These mechanisms ensure continuous control over the supply of ZET tokens, with the goal of increasing their value and maintaining the stability of the Zetly ecosystem.


The ZET token is not only a payment tool in the Zetly ecosystem, but also the key to the modern and interactive world of sports. Thanks to mechanisms such as token burning, loyalty programs and early access to exclusive offers, owning ZET brings many benefits and opportunities.

Join Zetly today and become part of the future of sports and Web3 technology!

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