You can watch the best films about Bitcoin this weekend at the Bitcoin Film Festival 2024

On April 19-21, 2024, Warsaw will become a center for cryptocurrency and film lovers, thanks to the Bitcoin Film Festival 2024. During the festival, selected films will be presented that analyze the impact of technology on society.

Film Review at Bitcoin Film Festival 2024

Bitcoin Film Festival 2024 promises to be a unique event for everyone interested in the intersection of the worlds of technology, economics and cinema. Below I briefly describe the festival screenings, which will show various aspects and the impact of Bitcoin and technological innovations on modern society. The full event program is available on the Warsaw Kinoteka website.

  1. Menger. Notes on the margin
    A documentary film dedicated to Carl Menger, a Polish-Austrian economist who is considered one of the pioneers of the Austrian School of Economics. The painting shows his theories of value and the limit of utility, emphasizing the importance of human needs in economics. It is a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the first publication of his foundational works.
  2. SEARCHING FOR SATOSHI: The Mysterious Disappearance of the Bitcoin Creator
    The documentary chronicles Paul Kemp's four-year investigation into the mystery of the disappearance of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The film combines interviews, diverse perspectives and evidence that make you think about Nakamoto's true identity and motives.
  3. My Trust in You is Broken
    The film tells the story of the difficult beginnings of Bitcoin as a payment system and the role of Nicolas Dorier in creating the BTCPay server, which contributed to the decentralization of payment processes and independence from trusted third parties.
  4. Gods of Their Own Religion
    A feature-length drama set in a dystopian technocratic world, where a group of rebels fights for the survival of human identity and freedom. Inspired by the lockdown restrictions, the film transformed from an experimental project into a feature-length work questioning established social patterns.
  5. Death Athletic
    A documentary about Cody Wilson, the creator of the first firearm made using 3D printing, and his fight for the rights to freedom of speech in the context of sharing gun printing codes. The film sheds light on the complex relationships between technology, law and ethics.
  6. Dirty Coin: The Controversy Behind Bitcoin Mining
    A film shedding light on the controversy surrounding cryptocurrency mining and its impact on the environment and energy. The document forces us to reflect on the ecological costs of the digital revolution.
  7. BFF'24 Shortfest + BITCOINERS
    A session of short films and documentaries that explore Bitcoin's global impact, from communities in South Africa to alternative economies in South America, culminating in a feature-length documentary about the Texas community of bitcoin maximalists.
  8. After it's said
    An experimental documentary examining the Internet as a linguistic tool that, like Bitcoin, can enhance or limit individual freedom in the digital world. The production encourages us to think about the future of the open Internet.

Festival tickets

If you feel like going to the second edition Bitcoin Film Festival, you can purchase tickets on the event website. Their price ranges from 21 to 210 euros, depending on the type of ticket selected. For our readers we have a special discount of 21% on all tickets! Just use the code BITCOINPL and enjoy the selected sessions.

European Halving Party

Ticket holders will also be able to attend European Halving Party, Europe's largest celebration of the fourth Bitcoin halving. This event, part of the Bitcoin Film Festival, promises to be a festival full of education, culture and entertainment, attracting crypto enthusiasts from all over Europe. The organizers have planned a three-day program full of thematic workshops, film screenings and discussions with creators, supplemented with entertainment Halving Games with band games and silent disco.

See you there! We will definitely be there – the previous edition left an unforgettable impression!