Will Grok surpass ChatGPT? Musk is looking for investors to raise the level of his chatbot

Elon Musk has an ambitious plan to drive a wedge into the world of AI chatbots and is actively looking for investors. Grok, Elon Musk's artificial intelligence, has the potential to become a big competitor to ChatuGPT. Will Grok actually be a chatbot that will cause a lot of disruption on the generative artificial intelligence market?

The search for investors who will provide PLN 4 billion – Grok is gaining momentum

It cannot be denied that the artificial intelligence industry is largely dominated by LLMs, i.e. AI chatbots. The undisputed leader in this industry so far is ChatGPT from OpenAI. Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has been ruling the AI ​​chatbot market. There are many reasons for this domination, although paving the way for the LLM, available for free to the whole world, was certainly a pioneering move. Google lost this opportunity, and its Bard AI, despite being rechristened Gemini, still cannot catch up with OpenAI.

Elon Musk, as one of OpenAI's former investors, takes the matters of the monopoly established by Sam Altman in the AI ​​chatbot market very personally. Interestingly, the owner of portal X announced in March 2023 that he was working on his own chatbot. Currently, Elon Musk is looking for investors with a spare USD 4 billion. After the first round of financing, the project is expected to be valued at up to USD 18 billion.

Will Grok stand out from other AI chatbots?

Grok is, above all, intended to be devoid of political correctness, as all testers who have early access to the chatbot admit. What's more, Grok also has a great sense of humor. Currently, only users who subscribe to the X Premium Plus service have access to Grok from xAI. A monthly subscription to use the chatbot costs $16.

It is worth adding that since March 2024, Grok has been operating in an open source model, in obvious contrast to OpenAI. ChatGPT has closed source code and is dependent on its main sponsor, the hegemon of the computer software industry. Microsoft invested over USD 10 billion in the project. Will Elon Musk actually manage to break into the chatbot mainstream currently dominated by OpenAI? This is not impossible, especially since Musk's LLM is to be devoid of any pre-imposed restrictions on the correctness of views on many issues.