The World App wallet already has over 10 million users!

According to the latest data, the World App wallet already has over 10 million users. Among them, there are as many as 2 million active users who use the application every day. It is worth adding that the increase in interest in the Worldcoin project is associated with a change in the privacy policy regarding biometric data. Is cryptocurrency spring the time when the Worldcoin project will show its potential to the world?

World App portfolio with 10 million users – their number is growing systematically

Tools for Humanity, the creators of the World App wallet, stated that they have active users in over 160 countries around the world. Moreover, the application enjoys constantly growing interest, with an increasing number of users every day. This increase coincides with the change in privacy policy, which in recent months has been the main reason for boycotting the project in some countries around the world.

Tiago Sada said in a statement on Thursday that:

Of course, we're thrilled to have reached this milestone, but even more pleased with the real-world impact it represents

According to TFH, the World App wallet processes an average of 7.1 transactions per second. This means that its transaction speed is roughly on par with most popular self-storage wallets.

Does the Worldcoin project have a chance to show its true potential?

Controversies surrounding retinal scanning and data storage have largely torpedoed the potential of the Worldcoin project and the World App wallet. All because of the controversial assumption of storing users' biometric data. Countries such as France, Great Britain, Germany and Kenya rebelled against this.

Ultimately, Sam Altman's project decided to abolish the controversial assumption, so that now users have the choice of what they want to do with their biometric data. You can leave them deleted immediately after the retina scan, or leave them locally on your device. Data is no longer stored in the cloud.

As you can see, changing the approach to the key assumption of the project did not torpedo the entire premise of Worldcoin. On the contrary, because interest in WLD is growing day by day, the rate of the project's native cryptocurrency is USD 6.32. However, participating in the project and using the World App wallet still requires retina scanning by the Orb device.