Bitcoin ETF units in the largest portfolios. We know which companies invest in BTC funds

We learn from the SEC's Form 13F that several large Wall Street firms have begun purchasing units of Bitcoin ETFs.

The biggest and bitcoin ETFs

WITH 13F you can find out which entities invest in bitcoin ETFs. These are various entities: from asset managers and family offices to banks.

It is worth paying attention to American National Bank's investment in the BTC Ark Invest ETF fund. Also on the list is Park Avenue Securities LLC, which bought 7,328 shares of GBTC worth $457,780. Overall, Wall Street firms with $15 billion in assets under management placed about $4 million in ETFs in the first quarter.

The whole list looks like this:

  • LexAurum Advisors, LLC purchased 11,973 shares of BlackRock's IBIT ETF for a total consideration of $484,547,
  • Founders Capital Management purchased 261 IBIT shares for USD 10,563,
  • Signal Advisors Wealth invested USD 832,496 in 20,571 IBIT shares,
  • Park Avenue Securities LLC purchased 7,328 shares of Grayscale's GBTC for $457,780,
  • Marshall & Sullivan Inc purchased 4,040 shares of GBTC for $255,207,
  • Johnson & White Wealth Management, LLC added 9,810 shares of GBTC to its portfolio with a total value of $613,125,
  • BCS Wealth Management became the owner of 9,196 GBTC shares worth USD 574,750,
  • Inscription Capital LLC invested in 4,866 shares of GBTC worth $299,016,
  • Wedmont Private Capital purchased 3,471 shares of Fidelity's FBTC ETF for $209,336,
  • Gunderson Capital Management purchased 7,671 shares of Bitwise's BITB ETF for $296,944,
  • American National Bank became the owner of 100 shares of ARKB from Ark Invest for $7,098.

Mass market entry still ahead of us?

It is worth adding that these amounts are not staggering. However, this does not rule out the potential of ETFs. We can see the most interesting data in subsequent reports.

In my experience, the most interesting names may appear in May because some funds wait as long as possible (…)

– he noticed on the X MacroScope.

On the other hand, we should be happy that such large entities are entering the cryptocurrency market. What we see above may be just a prelude to the groundbreaking announcements that await us later this year.