Celebrity memcoin scam hacker busted! A spectacular investigation by internet detectives

Recently, there have been a lot of continuing stories in the cryptocurrency community. It turns out that the celebrity memecoin scam hacker I wrote about just yesterday is no longer anonymous. A cryptocurrency investigator from X, nicknamed Roxo, was on the trail of the cybercriminal. The hacker responsible for the latest intrusions appears to be an 18-year-old from Miami from India.

The celebrity memecoin scam hacker is no longer anonymous

The Internet is a place where it is very easy to fall into the trap of pseudo-anonymity. This feeling can lead to very serious consequences, because every activity on the Internet leaves digital traces. The best hackers are able to effectively obliterate them or confuse cyber pursuits. However, when the desire for profit takes over the mind, cybercriminals start making mistakes that make them visible not only to investigative services, but also to self-proclaimed blockchain detectives. The actions of such units are often even much more effective than in the case of official investigative proceedings.

A perfect example of this is the activity of blockchain detective Roxo, who decided to catch a cybercriminal associated with the recent wave of theft of influencers' cryptocurrency accounts. The celebrity memcoin scam hacker turned out to be an 18-year-old from Miami. The boy comes from India, but Roxo, as well as the detective part of the cryptocurrency community, not only quickly identified the hacker, but also discovered his name and surname.

17,000 followers on portal X, i.e. a young hacker needs attention

Blockchain detective Roxo suggested the identity of the celebrity memecoin scam hacker. A wave of account takeovers swept through Portal X on the May weekend of May 25-26, affecting the accounts of Caitlyn Jenner, rappers Soulja Boy and Rich The Kid, and models creating adult content, namely Kazumi and Ivana Knöll. It turned out that the mysterious hacker from the memecoin scam is Sahil Arora, an 18-year-old living in Miami.

Arora allegedly moved around celebrities and used these contacts to create the perfect fraud. Sahil Arora had 17,000 followers on X and was active on the website quite often. One of the tweets was a photo of him posing with rapper Rich The Kid, the same one who lost access to his X account during the weekend attack.

Caitlyn Jenner's team manipulated by a hacker?

Roxo's investigation allows us to assume that Caitlyn Jenner's account was never hacked, but Jenner's team was manipulated by the hacker. Jenner is actually promoting her $Jenner token, and the hacker cleverly used his close contacts with the celebrity community. Jenner's manager, Sophia Hutchins, confirmed that JENNER's memecoin is real and the X account was never hacked. Yesterday's recordings were real and not a deepfake. This only shows that in today's world it will be increasingly difficult to distinguish real recordings from those generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

Rich The Kid confirms that his account has been hijacked by Sahil Arora

Another victim of the weekend's tsunami of celebrity account takeovers is rapper Rich The Kid. In a video published on X, the influencer stated that:

Yesterday my account was hacked and memecooin was promoted by Sahil on my website. This guy basically did a pump and dump, then transferred all the money to his account and blocked me.

What were Salih Arora's connections to the memecoin celebrity network? It's hard to say at the moment because the matter is very dynamic. Its dynamism can be proven by the fact that the @sahilsaysol account was deleted after the whole scandal surfaced. Interestingly, however, before deleting the account, the hackers managed to find and publish a photo of Sahil's ID card. It was an ID card issued by the United Arab Emirates. Sahil, commenting on the whole matter, wrote in a deleted tweet that he will be the “King of Solana and Netflix will make a documentary about him.” Celebrity memecoin fraud hacker feels unpunished.

It cannot be denied that the situation got out of control for the young cybercriminal. What is even more surprising, however, is the fact that they have established close relationships with the celebrity community, which is increasingly interested in Web3 and memecoins. This example clearly shows how crucial proper education about blockchain technology and digital assets is at this point.