Will there be an Andrew Tate Coin?

Hello, crypto enthusiasts! Here is another episode of Bitcoin Radio Podcast, full of controversies, rumors and interesting facts from the world of cryptocurrencies. Today we will focus on Andrew Tate's announcement regarding his own cryptocurrency and the report on Poles' savings. Ready for excitement?

1. Andrew Tate and TOP G Token: Real or Prank?

“The most famous man in the world” – Andrew Tate, announced that he is creating his own cryptocurrency, TOP G Token. On the website, X offered his wealth of USD 100 million as security for this project. Condition? 50,000 retweets. Is this true or another internet celebrity joke? The tweet was deleted, so something must have happened.

Andrew Tate, known for his contradictory opinions and posts about cryptocurrencies, surprised fans and critics. Is the TOP G Token project a serious investment or just another marketing gimmick? This is what we talk about in the latest episode of Bitcoin Radio Podcast. According to the deleted post, Andrew promised the promotion of TOP G Token as a chance for profits for investors. But is this cryptocurrency secured by Tate's assets a real deal, or does it look more like a scam? Stay tuned for our take on this controversial situation.

2. Polish Savers in the Uncertainty Trap: What to Do with the Money?

The Savings Barometer 2023 report reports that 78% of Poles have savings, but the question is: what to do with these funds? Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to invest. Deposits and lack of knowledge about other forms of investment are the dominant trend. Why does this happen and how can we improve our financial situation?

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