Will ads with AI avatars flood social media? It will start with TikTok

TikTok is introducing new tools that are expected to revolutionize content creation. Ads with AI avatars will be incredibly easy to create, even for complete amateurs of generative artificial intelligence. Will we soon be flooded with a tsunami of AI-generated advertising?

Ads with AI avatars on TikTok – advertising content ready in a few moments

Recording an advertising reel for Instagram or TikTok requires proper preparation and editing. However, TikTok intends to revolutionize and streamline this process as much as possible by adding new tools based on generative artificial intelligence. Announced on June 17, the Symphony advertising kit includes “stock avatars” and an “AI dubbing” feature that will help brands create and localize advertising content.

Stock avatars are “created from video footage of real, paid actors that is licensed for commercial use.” Users will be able to choose one of the available voices, which will read the script they have prepared and dub it directly on the avatar. Ten languages ​​and dialects are supported in the current test version, such as English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. The tool automatically detects the input language and dubs it into the target language. Ads with AI avatars are available to everyone who has signed up for the beta test waiting list.

Will AI advertising become a standard in social media?

New tools from TikTok may set a certain trend in social media when it comes to the use of AI in advertising content. For this reason, there is a justified fear that social media may soon be flooded with content generated by artificial intelligence. However, TikTok is reassuring because all such content will be marked appropriately so that every user knows that they are watching content that was co-created using AI.

Similar solutions have been introduced by Facebook, Instagram, Threads and YouTube. It is worth noting, however, that automatic tagging of AI content does not work as well as the owners of social media platforms announced. Given the enormous speed of development of AI tools to generate realistic video clips, it is extremely important to properly label such content.