Zetly sports quizzes: Your knowledge, your victory!

Zetly, an innovative platform combining blockchain technology with interactive experiences for sports fans, introduces a novelty – sports quizzes. The company has been working on this feature for the past two years and it has finally reached the beta phase. Testing of the application will begin soon, which is an important step towards its full launch.

Quizzes are a unique combination of knowledge, fun and technology, which will now become part of Zetly's future project. Why is it worth being interested in them? In the article we present a detailed description of this function and the benefits of using it.

Revolutionary Zetly quiz features

Zetly's sports quizzes aim to provide users with engaging and educational entertainment. The app offers a variety of quizzes, which currently include football questions and in the future will also cover other sports, historical events, players and teams. For correct answers, users receive points that can be exchanged for Zetly tokens and other prizes. The ability to track your results and compare them with other users on leaderboards and leaderboards adds an additional competitive dimension to the game. Zetly will start the integration process with Web3 immediately after the testing phase, which will further enrich the functionalities of the application.

Intuitive interface and integration with Web3

The app interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with a modern design that ensures easy navigation. Users can quickly browse available quizzes, track their progress and earn rewards. Integration with Web3 enables the use of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security. Smart contracts are used to manage tokens and rewards, automating payout processes and protecting against manipulation. Users can earn and exchange Zetly tokens, which are integrated into the application via the BSV blockchain. Securely managing user identities using decentralized identifiers (DIDs) further increases security and trust.

Battle in the Zetly arena and champion ranking

Zetly's sports quizzes offer two main game scenarios that provide an exciting and educational experience. In battle mode, players answer questions simultaneously over a set number of rounds, with 6-10 seconds to answer. Those who answer correctly move on to the next rounds until winners are selected or the number of questions runs out. The game starts when the agreed number of players registers, but ex aequo places are also possible.

In ranked mode, participants earn points by answering a set of questions in a limited time, for example 20 questions in 60 seconds. Questions appear one after the other, with no way to go back. The results are updated continuously, and players can repeatedly try to improve their results.

Football enthusiasts, this quiz is for you!

Zetly's sports quizzes are perfect for football fans who have unique knowledge about their passion and are looking for exciting entertainment. The game is a great alternative for people who prefer to avoid hard gambling, offering instead live multiplayer competition. Thanks to this, fans can test their knowledge about football while competing with other enthusiasts.

Your knowledge, your rewards: profits from passion

Zetly's sports quizzes offer a unique form of entertainment that you won't find anywhere else. The application is intended for smartphones with Android and iOS.

The low entry barrier and the opportunity to win attractive prizes make quizzes available to a wide audience. Additionally, sports quizzes offer the opportunity to compete based on football knowledge and fulfill football dreams, such as going to matches or winning unique prizes.

The future of sports entertainment

Zetly sports quizzes are not only great fun, but also a unique opportunity to use your knowledge about football in competition with other fans. Thanks to integration with Web3 technology, users can enjoy transparency, security and new data management possibilities. This is an investment in the future that will certainly bring many benefits to both users and the entire Zetly ecosystem.

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