Robert Kiyosaki is frustrated. People are making excuses not to buy bitcoin!

Robert Kiyosaki has once again entered the topic of bitcoin. It turns out that trying to help people (i.e. convince them to invest in BTC) is starting to frustrate him.

Robert Kiyosaki means well and you don't listen!

Robert Kiyosaki is mainly known for writing motivational books. Or more precisely: from the fact that he is the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. His later publications, however, went unnoticed.

Despite the latter, he has been an authority for many people for years. And good. Although he is a controversial figure, his advice can help you start your investing adventure.

Kiyosaki has been encouraging people to invest in bitcoin, gold and silver for several years. He claims that the dollar is fake money that has no value. The real money is the assets mentioned above – cryptocurrency and precious metal. Although he probably has good intentions (he doesn't add reflinks to his posts, so he won't make money if someone buys BTC), some people either don't trust him or simply think that it's too late to invest in cryptocurrencies (who among us Haven't heard this argument?)

I get frustrated trying to encourage people to buy bitcoin. I get a lot of lame excuses… the most common excuse… “Bitcoin is too expensive.” (…) I'm just repeating rich dad's lesson on investing… “Your profit is made when you buy…. Not when you sell. We all wish we had bought Bitcoin when it was $10… but those days are long gone. Don't be a sucker, buy some of what you can afford and keep buying

– he wrote in a new post.

This is the easiest way to become a millionaire

A few days ago he wrote that investing in bitcoin is the easiest way to become a millionaire.

Making millions as an entrepreneur is difficult. I know this. You have to be really smart, dedicated and lucky to become a millionaire starting your own business. I save in Bitcoin because Bitcoin does the hard work for me. That's why I love bitcoin

– he stated in a post from June 11.