BTC Prague 2024 conference. The largest bitcoin celebration in Europe

Over 100 global bitcoin experts. Over 10,000 enthusiasts from all over Europe and the world. The BTC Prague conference, the largest celebration of Satoshi Nakamoto's cryptocurrency in Europe, has been underway since yesterday. This year, as in previous editions, BTC Prague attracted tens of thousands of people.

BTC Prague – Michael Saylor is once again a guest of the event

Once a year, Prague in the Czech Republic becomes the European, if not world, capital of Bitcoin. Of course, we are talking about the BTC Prague conference, the next edition of which takes place on June 13-15. The event organizers once again rose to the challenge, as evidenced by the cream of the crop from the world of cryptocurrencies. The main and most important guest is Michael Saylor, one of the greatest bitcoin enthusiasts in the business world.

Michael Saylor's company is currently the largest holder of BTC among companies. MicoStrategy has already accumulated over 200,000 BTC and has no intention of stopping there. It is worth adding that this is not a debut for Michael Saylor at BTC Prague, as he delivered his first speech at this event last year. Interestingly, the situation on the cryptocurrency market has changed dramatically compared to last year, which only confirms the validity of Saylor's words quoted last year about BTC being digital gold.

BTC ecosystem festival, i.e. a conference that sets trends for the coming months

The BTC Prague conference has become somewhat of a trendsetter in the BTC ecosystem. This year, over 100 speakers from many countries around the world were invited to the event. Among them is Adam Back (Co-founder & CEO of Blockstream) and Jack Mallers (Founder & CEO of Strike). The conference also featured over 100 companies advertising their services and accessories related to the BTC ecosystem. The conference is attended by companies producing e.g. cryptocurrency wallets, so it is a great opportunity to promote their solutions. The BTC Prague conference has become, in a way, a place setting trends in the BTC world for the coming months.