zondacrypto on your smartphone, i.e. we review the mobile application of a top cryptocurrency exchange

zondacrypto has just prepared a new mobile application (yes, a new one, not an update of the old one; it's worth remembering this when searching for it in app stores). We decided to take a look at it.

zondacrypto and its mobile application

The zondacrypto exchange has just released its new mobile application. To be honest, it's strange that so many stock exchanges have not yet thought that such an “app” should be in the smartphone of every self-respecting investor! But this is a short digression. Let's get to the point.

So I have a “zond” on my phone. What do I think about the app?

Before I go into details, it is worth presenting the goals that the company set for itself when designing its mobile version. The note sent to our editorial office indicated such aspects as:

  • minimizing the entry barrier to the world of cryptocurrencies,
  • simplifying the use of trading tools,
  • ensuring fast trading anywhere and anytime,
  • enabling trade on multiple markets,
  • better communication with users.

Did it work?

Review, i.e. face to face with the mobile application

Let me start by saying that logging into the application is very simple. It is done in the same way as in the case of the stock exchange. Using your login, password and verification code sent to your e-mail address.

After opening the application, we immediately see a clear interface. We can see the current prices of cryptocurrencies in pairs with fiat (including PLN, EUR), BTC, USDC, and Tether. We can also quickly go to the “Portfolio” section, where we can view balances, active offers and order history. We can also add our “favorite markets”, which will be especially useful if you often trade specific cryptocurrencies.

Let's stop at this point for a moment. After clicking on a given cryptocurrency, we go to its target tab. There we can analyze its chart, orderbook and our offers. Advanced traders will be interested in the Limit option (Market, STOP Market and STOP Limit).

Many people will certainly be pleased by the fact that the application allows a direct connection to the ZND Platform enabling passive earning on cryptocurrencies.

How is the application used in practice? It allows us to instantly transfer, trade and withdraw funds (end-to-end). It has been expanded with technical analysis tools for traders. It also provides quick and direct access to ZND services.

For beginners, a very important section will be the “Zondacrypto Academy”, a course that is a great introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it also allows quick contact with support. As the stock exchange emphasizes, in this way you can, among others: communicate problems with the application and suggest ideas for improving it.

One element that I don't like about the app is the start page, which is actually an ad for zondacrypto. In my opinion, it is unnecessary – since I am already using a given exchange, no one needs to convince me to do so. Especially since I have been a loyal user of the platform for almost a decade! I will definitely report my attention to newmobile@zondacrypto.com, a dedicated e-mail address for reporting feedback related to the application – you can too.

Currently, the application is available to users of Google Play (for all countries) and App Store (for: Poland, Estonia, Canada, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy and France; additional countries coming soon).

You can use it in Polish, but also in English, Italian, Ukrainian, Estonian and French.


The new zondacrypto application is a safe and convenient solution for every day trader. Currently, during the bull market, it is hard for me to imagine that someone who trades digital assets on a cyclical basis could do without such a solution. Even more so now that it's the holiday season and traveling with a laptop is problematic. However, thanks to the new exchange solution, this is unnecessary.