Robert Kiyosaki bought 10 more bitcoins. He explains the reasons for this investment

Robert Kiyosaki surprises not only with his exceptionally long post on X, but also with the scale of his investment. He just admitted that he is buying 10 more bitcoins.

Robert Kiyosaki invests in BTC

A well-known author of books on financial intelligence often suggests investing in Bitcoin, gold and silver. Until now, we did not know the scale of his private investments. Now he has revealed his cards to us. At least partially.

I'm buying 10 more bitcoins before April

he started fasting Kiyosaki added that if someone cannot afford the entire bitcoin, they can “consider buying 1/10 of the coin through new ETFs” or simply buy only 10% of the cryptocurrency.

He indicated that by September 2024, bitcoin will cost as much as USD 100,000.

The date of purchase is not accidental. In April, the bitcoin network will experience a halving event, which traditionally marked the beginning of the strongest part of the bull market. So it is possible that we are on the verge of a real cryptocurrency boom that will lead us to new peaks for both BTC, ETH, and many altcoins.

You don't want BTC, buy silver!

However, the author of the books knows that not everyone may want to own cryptocurrencies. So he has another piece of advice.

If you don't like Bitcoin, I suggest buying silver coins, preferably American Silver Eagles. My friend Andy Schectman says the once-abundant supply of silver has almost run out. He has a standing order for $1 million in “junk” silver (US silver coins from 64 years ago)

– added.

Why this shortage of silver and the potential growth of bitcoin and probably also gold? According to Kiyosaki, this is the result of “smart money” knowing that the United States is the largest indebted country in the world; China's real estate market is toast; Japan has been in depression since 1990; “Germany is sinking into crisis,” and ordinary consumers live on credit.

Michael Saylor (…) asks: “What do you call people who encourage people to save fiat currency… 'fake' money?”

The poor.

– Kiyosaki joked, adding that “Michael Saylor, Andy Schectman and I don't want you to be poor.”

Start getting gold, silver, bitcoin if you haven't already. Of the three, silver is the cheapest for most people

– added.

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The above text does not constitute investment advice.