RoboHero Airdrop Campaign, ROBO Token IDO and Survivor NFT Collection!

The RoboHero project will be talked about in the coming weeks. Very loud. All thanks to subsequent milestones that systematically bring the Web3 community closer to the launch of one of the most anticipated decentralized gaming games. Team RoboHero announced that the RoboHero Airdrop campaign has begun. That's not all, because the launch of the ROBO token IDO on SpartaDEX and the rapid appearance of the NFT Survivors collection were announced.

RoboHero Airdrop Campaign – Challenges for players who want to become part of the RoboHero community!

RoboHero is one of the more ambitious Web3 gaming games among Polish and European developers. The project enjoys constantly growing interest among players, and the web2 gaming-like gameplay attracts even players who have not previously been involved in decentralized gaming. The game is intended to be an experience that combines the fun of traditional tactical gameplay with the Web3 ecosystem layer.

The RoboHero Airdrop campaign has just started, which is an event preceding the game's release on mobile devices. The Robohero Airdrop campaign will be divided into two seasonal cycles, the first of which started on March 20 and will last until April 7.

The first season includes challenges on the Zealy and Galxe platforms. The tasks are very simple and involve, for example, visiting the RoboHero website, following RoboHero on X, or joining the official project channel on Discord. The second season of the campaign will start on March 27 and will bring new tasks and challenges. It is worth adding that access to the first season will remain open, despite the start of the second season. Although it sounds complicated, the idea is that participants of the Airdrop RoboHero campaign have maximum flexibility in planning their activities. Another important point about Airdrop is the fact that you do not have to make transactions online, and tasks on Zealy appear on an ongoing basis.

It is worth adding that the tasks of the first season include obtaining access to the closed beta of the game – tests have already started. Thanks to this, the RoboHero Airdrop campaign gives you the opportunity to test the game before its release. As for the interesting numbers that appeared in the first 48 hours from the start of the campaign, as many as 3,000 people joined the challenge, 1,000 closed beta testers, and another 1,000 people are on the waiting list to join.

ROBO token IDO – this is Sparta!

The foundation of the Web3 layer of the RoboHero game will be the Robo token, which I wrote about in more detail in the article about the Web3 layer in RoboHero. In short, $ROBO is a utility token used in the RoboHero game universe. Using it, you will be able to buy and sell items, improve your robots, and throw tokens into the pool in duels against other players.

$ROBO token

On Saturday, March 23, the RoboHero team announced on its social media the launch of the ROBO token IDO on SpartaDex. The IDO deadline for the ROBO token is March 28-29, and information about the tokenomics is as follows:

Max supply – 1,000,000,000

IMC– USD 430k

Ecosystem & Development – 66%

Fundrising – 23%

Team – 10%, cliff 6 months, vesting 24 months

SpartaPAD IDO – 1%, TGE 20%, vesting 12 months.

NFT Survivors – collection announcement

Another news that appeared during the announcement of the IDO token ROBO is the NFT Survivors collection, which is fast approaching. Although the announcement from the developers is quite enigmatic at the moment, more details are expected to appear this week!

To sum up, the RoboHero project is entering a decisive phase. This is the best time to get interested in this groundbreaking Web3 game and gain additional benefits. The RoboHero Airdrop Campaign continues!

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