Rafał Zaorski found a use for the NFT 504 token

Rafał Zaorski announced on the X portal an interesting plan to use NFT technology in the real estate industry. Last November, the investor and trader issued his own NFT tokens (Token 504). Now it turns out that holders of the 504 token will receive the long-awaited reward. All holders of 504NFT will receive a share of 1/20,000 in the property at Złota 44 for a symbolic zloty.

Rafał Zaorski with an unexpected Christmas gift – an apartment at Złota 44

There is no need to introduce the cryptocurrency community to who Rafał Zaorski is. This trader and the author of the book “On Speculation” surprised everyone with the creative use of the 504 token. Zaorski is known not only for his bold moves as a trader, but also for his apartment in a skyscraper at 44 Złota Street in Warsaw. The investor bought this luxurious apartment about 1.5 years ago for PLN 23 million. He recently announced on the X portal that he plans to sell his real estate for PLN 50 million and invest these funds in shares related to artificial intelligence.

In the comments under the entry about this decision, many X users suggested that Zaorski choose several hundred “homies from Poland” and give them the keys to “the most expensive apartment in Poland”. The next part of the plan was to enter them in the land and mortgage register as co-owners, so that “they could legally drink coke and play games there 24/7.” Interestingly, the investor agreed to this proposal and slightly modified it, so it turns out that the owners will be both holders of the 504NFT tokens minted in November, but also interesting people who can be nominated in the comments under his post on the X portal.

Zaorski shocks. Co-ownership of an apartment at Złota 44 thanks to NFT tokens

Rafał Zaorski's action took social media by storm and became a kind of viral. There have already been many comments regarding Zaorski's decision. Cezary Graf has already commented on the matter, calling the trader's decision a “breath of real estate genius.” On the X portal, some people also have doubts about the idea of ​​co-ownership of the apartment, for fear of the need to obtain the consent of the co-owners in the event of selling the property.

Zaorski assured that the sale of part of the property would not require the consent of the co-owners. It is worth adding that Rafał Zaorski's plan certainly drew attention to the creative use of blockchain technology and NFT tokens in the real estate industry.

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