Shrapnel: a new cryptocurrency game

Kick out Sigma or die trying. Sounds like an interesting challenge? A new cryptocurrency game will soon appear on the market, Shrapnel.


The year is 2038. An asteroid collided with the Moon, which led to the formation of meteorite rings around the Earth’s satellite. Rains of the latter began to fall on our planet. As a result, an area was created where it was no longer possible to live. Ordinary people were permanently evacuated from it.

One would like to add: and they lived happily ever after. The problem is that the asteroid fragments turned out to be valuable because they contained an element: Sigma Compound. The aforementioned abandoned territory on Earth was taken over by the Guardians – mercenaries, mining Sigma and killing anyone who wanted to join the excavations without their consent (well, not everyone tolerates the free market). As a player, you enter such a world that is not particularly friendly. You have to survive and kick Sigma.

Cryptocurrency game

Although the plot sounds interesting (but not overly original), I probably wouldn’t write about this production. Interestingly, its creators issued their own cryptocurrency, SHRAP, which is traded, among others, on HTX and KuCoin.

The developers from the Neon studio gave players early access to the game via the popular Epic Games Store. However, this version of the product is only available to people who have purchased one of the Extraction Pack access keys. The game will be available to play from Thursday, February 8 to Saturday, February 10, and the prizes that will be distributed during the game are SHRAP tokens worth USD 100,000.

The project’s CEO, Mark Long, says he and his collaborators want players to help them create the best game possible.

Neon said about 3,000 people have already purchased the keys, which range in price from $20 to $100.

Ultimately Shrapnel will debut on the market as a full-fledged free-to-play game in 2025.

Note: Players should conduct their own research before purchasing cryptocurrency or digital goods. Player purchases on third party marketplaces at their own risk. Epic Games does not encourage the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency or digital goods

– warns Epic Games.