PIXEL now on Binance Launchpool. The exchange is giving away 350 million tokens!

Binance, through its Launchpool platform, introduces Project PIXEL, which can redefine your approach to blockchain gaming. This initiative offers players and investors not only the opportunity to enrich their digital wallet, but also gives them the opportunity to actively participate in the development of the world of web3 games. I invite you to read further, where I will explain in detail how to go through this process, collect tokens and thus become part of the revolutionary project.

What is Launchpool?

Binance Launchpool is an innovative platform that allows users to acquire new tokens through the so-called farming, i.e. staking existing cryptocurrencies, such as BNB or stablecoins. By contributing your funds to selected pools, you can receive new tokens, often before they are officially launched on the market. This is a great opportunity to expand your digital portfolio without additional risk. This process is not only simple and transparent, but also allows you to support new cryptocurrency projects, benefiting from their potential success. The most important thing is that the funds retained remain yours – after the farming period ends, you recover both the invested cryptocurrencies and the acquired new tokens, which can significantly increase your investment possibilities.

By using Launchpool, users therefore have a unique opportunity to actively participate in the dynamically growing cryptocurrency ecosystem, acquiring new tokens with minimal effort and risk. Importantly, Binance selects the projects introduced to the Launchpool, so the growth potential of these new tokens is significant.

Let's summarize the most important benefits:

  • Access to new projects: Launchpool offers users priority access to new and exciting cryptocurrency projects.
  • Limited risk: Participating in Launchpool allows you to earn new tokens without having to purchase them directly. Since the main input is staking existing assets, the risk is much lower compared to traditional investing.
  • Flexibility: Users have control over their funds and can decide when to lock or retrieve them, depending on the project conditions.
  • Supporting innovation: Participating in the Launchpool supports the development of new blockchain projects, contributing to innovation and development of the entire ecosystem.

What is the PIXEL project?

The PIXEL project is an innovative initiative in the blockchain space that combines elements of social gaming with Web3 technology, creating a unique environment for users. As a game powered by the Ronin blockchain, PIXEL enables players to not only have fun but also participate in the game's economy by owning, trading and creating digital assets in a decentralized way. All in-game items are tokenized, meaning that everything from equipment to terrain can be owned by the player and can be traded or exchanged securely on decentralized markets.

One of the key features of the PIXEL project is its social aspect. There are currently over 170,000 active users. Players can cooperate, compete, create alliances or simply interact in a rich digital world. By integrating with Web3 technology, PIXEL opens up new opportunities for content creators, game developers and users, offering a platform to explore, create and share unique experiences.

The PIXEL project also uses smart contracts, which ensures transparency and fairness in the game ecosystem. This means that the game rules, prize distribution and other economic mechanisms are fully automated and operate without the need for intermediaries, which increases trust among the gaming community.

Through its innovative approach, PIXEL has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry and open new paths for the development of Web3 technologies.

For those interested in more detailed information, it is worth visiting the official website of the PIXEL project and reading their whitepaper to better understand the goals and mechanics of the game.

Investments in the gaming sector

Gaming in the world of blockchain is a fascinating journey through history and technology that is transforming the way we perceive digital entertainment. One of the curiosities worth mentioning is the “CryptoKitties” game, launched in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain. The game, which allows players to buy, breed and trade virtual cats, became so popular that at one point it slowed down the entire Ethereum network, highlighting the potential for blockchain games to generate significant traffic and interest.

The blockchain gaming sector is growing rapidly, as confirmed by available reports. According to an analysis published by GlobeNewswire, the global value of the blockchain gaming market is expected to reach $301.53 billion by 2030. Another source, Fortune Business Insights, reports that the market was worth $128.62 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to $614.91 billion by 2030​​.

Investing in the blockchain gaming sector offers many potential benefits. Not only does this allow for early involvement in projects that could revolutionize the industry, but it also gives investors the chance to diversify their portfolio through digital assets that can appreciate in value. Additionally, unique aspects of blockchain gaming, such as ownership of digital assets and the ability to earn by playing, open new avenues for business models and investment strategies.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this sector not only as a player, but also as an investor. Gaming-related tokens such as PIXEL have the potential to increase their value many times over.


How to earn PIXEL tokens through Launchpool?

If you want to acquire PIXEL tokens through the Binance Launchpool, you will be participating in the process I mentioned at the beginning of the article, known as token farming. Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

  1. Choose the right pool for staking. On Launchpool you will find different pools for different tokens. For PIXEL, these will be BNB and FDUSD pools. Each pool offers a certain percentage of prizes.
  2. Stack your cryptocurrencies. Decide how much BNB or FDUSD you want to lock in your selected pool. Please note that these funds will be blocked but not lost. You will be able to get them back after you finish farming.
  3. Collect PIXEL tokens. Farming started on February 9, 2024 at midnight UTC and lasts for ten days. During this time, you will accumulate PIXEL tokens, depending on the amount of funds invested and the total pool in a given project.
  4. Collect your rewards. After completing farming, you can collect both your deposited funds and rewards in the form of PIXEL tokens. You can use these newly acquired tokens in various ways, depending on your plans and investment strategy.

PIXEL listing on Binance

Binance plans to add PIXEL to its exchange on February 19, 2024 at 10:00 (UTC), opening trading for PIXEL/BTC, PIXEL/USDT, PIXEL/BNB, PIXEL/FDUSD, and PIXEL/TRY pairs. The listing will enable wider access to PIXEL tokens, increasing their liquidity and availability to the broad cryptocurrency community.


Investing in projects available on Binance Launchpool is an innovative way to support the best cryptocurrency projects without having to spend your own funds. If you don't have an account on the Binance exchange yet, be sure to use our guide and register today to start taking advantage of additional earning opportunities!