Robert Kiyosaki advises investing in bitcoin due to… the political situation in the USA

Robert Kiyosaki has recently been speaking more and more often not about the economy, but about politics. His new post featured a bitcoin thread.

Robert Kiyosaki on the political situation in the USA

Kiyosaki does not hide the fact that he will vote for Donald Trump, who is fighting to return to the White House. In a new post, he gave reasons why he does not support the current administration.

According to the author Rich dad, poor dad“by tearing down Trump's border wall, Biden has invited” into the US people who could pose a threat to Americans – “a whole range of petty criminals who must steal to survive.”

Biden's policies were also intended to “cause inflation to rise, making life harder for the poor and middle class.”

Inflation will be with us for years

– added.

Kiyosaki, however, also has “good news”: in his opinion, Biden will not win the presidential election.

The bad news is that the liberal academic “swamp” that brought the Biden crime family to power… is still in power

– as he said.

Buy bitcoins!

And that's when the topic of investing came into play. According to the author of books on financial intelligence, the political climate in the US inspired him to invest in gold, silver and BTC.

Marxists can control politics and FAKE MONEY…. but they can't control real money

– he wrote, suggesting that the real money is these three assets: bitcoin and two precious metals.

Of course, Kiyosaki is exaggerating a bit. My point is that Trump coming to power will not change much in US policy. This country is ruled by the so-called deep state. Besides, apart from the details and rhetoric, Biden continues the policy of his predecessor.

It is possible that Trump's coming to power will change the situation of the cryptocurrency market in the US. He may also pressure the Fed to cut interest rates sooner. In addition, it is possible to accelerate the outbreak of war with China. In other words, Trump will not make a revolution, but he will intensify certain processes and activities.

But why does Kiyosaki describe the entire situation in such a hysterical way? It's possible that he thinks this will help Trump win the election. Unless he believes in what he writes on X. Which wouldn't necessarily reflect well on his mental state.