RoboHero's Web3 ecosystem – NFTs, $ROBO token and everything you need to know

The Web3 RoboHero game is entering the final stage of production. More and more players are interested in the unique combination of gameplay known from tactical Web2 games and the possibilities offered by the Web3 ecosystem. How was the Web3 ecosystem implemented in RoboHero?

Why RoboHero opted for the Web3 ecosystem?

Although players have assessed the ecosystems in Web3 games quite negatively over the last few years, this trend is definitely starting to change. The gaming community, accustomed to the traditional gameplay model, is flooded with micropayments and unfair (from the players' point of view) practices on the part of gaming giants, such as limiting game content in order to sell it later as DLC (add-on download).

The players' rebellion and disagreement with this shape of the gaming market causes the community to look for new forms of electronic entertainment. This is a great opportunity for Web3 gaming to earn the loyalty of new players.

RoboHero is an example of a game that attracts Web2 players with its gameplay, referring to the classics of tactical games XCOM2Whether Warhammer 40k Mechanicus. Simple and addictive gameplay is the basis on which the entire Web3 ecosystem is built. However, the game was designed in such a way that the Web2 and Web3 layers could be independent of each other. The player can simply have fun playing RoboHero and pay no attention to the NFT token ecosystem. However, if he wants to enter the decentralized world of gaming, he has a number of options. This is why the Web3 ecosystem in RoboHero it is so flexible and friendly even for players taking their first steps in decentralized gaming.

7 pillars of the Web3 ecosystem RoboHero

Creators RoboHero they are passionate about games, which is evident in the design of the Web3 ecosystem. The Web3 layer does not interfere with gameplay and fun in any way, which definitely positively affects playability. Web3 ecosystem in RoboHero was divided into 7 basic pillars, such as billboards, Genesis NFTs, Lands, Survivors Collection, Mines, Lootboxes and NFT items. To better understand the entire ecosystem, it is worth breaking it down into its prime factors:

  • Genesis NFTs – a collection of 1,000 NFT cards that are divided into 5 different levels of rarity (rare, super rare, epic, legendary, mythic). Having the card gives you access to the closed RoboHero Discord community and gives you priority in future airdrops. You can easily compare this collection to Season Passes or Battle Passes known from Web2 games.
  • Länder – boards in the form of NFT tokens on which robot duels will take place. Each land owner will receive rewards whenever players play a duel in their land. To illustrate, a similar dynamic would occur if it were possible to have individual boards in a Blizzard card game, Hearthstone.
  • Billboards – NFT tokens in the form of billboards on which advertisers will be able to buy advertising. A way to earn passive income within the game ecosystem.
  • Mines – thanks to mining in the form of NFT tokens, the player regularly receives rare raw materials that can later be sold on the market.
  • Loot boxes – loot boxes, known from games, are boxes with various types of rewards, such as items or raw materials.
  • NFT items – items that allow you to personalize your robot and game style.
  • Survivors Collection – a collection of free NFT tokens in the form of avatars that you can set as your account profile photo. Additionally, having such an NFT ensures regular airdrops of items, skins and saving achievements to your account. Survivors Collection is fast approaching, so it's worth following the game's creators' social media.
NFT from RoboHero.

$ROBO, a token integrating the Web3 ecosystem RoboHero

The entire Web3 ecosystem in RoboHero is connected to one important element, i.e. the $ROBO token. It will act as an internal currency for purchasing in-game items. Illustrating its role, it can be easily compared to the Republic of Poland in League of Legends. The utility of the $ROBO token will be high because it will be used by players to purchase new pieces of equipment, upgrade robots and other NFTs.

What benefits will Web3 provide to gamers? RoboHero?

Electronic entertainment enthusiasts have been actively playing with virtual items inside games for many years, often without even realizing it. An example would be game skins Counter-Strike: Global Offensivewhich have been on the Steam market since 2016.

In the case of the game RoboHero, the ecosystem is, above all, an opportunity for profit. Thanks to this, players can both have fun and expand their collection of assets inside the game. It is worth adding that the player can earn money both actively and passively. Active portfolio expansion in RoboHero, is playing duels with other players in PvP (Player versus Player) mode. When it comes to passive earning, it is possible through NFT tokens, such as lands, billboards, or mines.

To sum up, RoboHero, is a title that perfectly shows that engaging gameplay can go hand in hand with the Web3 ecosystem. The premiere of the title is fast approaching, and the game will be available both in the Google Play store and the App Store.

While waiting for the premiere, you can sign up for the ambassador program, which provides a number of benefits.

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