Ban on Apple devices in Tesla and X? Elon Musk reacts to the announcement of iOS integration with OpenAI!

The Apple conference on June 10 brought a lot of news, such as the integration of ChatuGPT with iOS. Elon Musk announced a ban on Apple devices if the announced integration takes place. The multi-billionaire emphatically called it an “unacceptable security breach.” Given Musk's history with OpenAI, this reaction was to be expected.

Ban on Apple devices in Elon Musk's companies. Will the ban actually come into force?

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10 brought a lot of news in the world of the technology giant. Tim Cook and his team revealed “Apple Intelligence”, a set of new features based on generative artificial intelligence. These options will be rolled out to iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia in late 2024. One of the features will be the integration of the Siri voice assistant with ChatemGPT from OpenAI. Thanks to this, some queries will be sent to the most popular AI chatbot on the market.

Although the use of ChatuGPT by Siri will always be consulted with the user, Elon Musk definitely did not like this option. This is even too mild a description of his reaction, because in an emotional tweet Musk announced a ban on Apple devices in all companies of which he is the head. This means that employees of Tesla, SpaceX or Portal X will not be able to use devices such as iPhone, iMac or iPad from the end of 2024.

Musk sharply criticizes Apple for integrating with OpenAI

It's no secret that Elon Musk has a major conflict with OpenAI. Although the billionaire was one of the founders of the startup, their paths diverged even before ChatuGPT-3.5 was released. Musk decided that Apple was “not smart enough” to create its own AI. Moreover, he suggested that the company would harm its customers by outsourcing privacy and security issues to OpenAI. In an emotional entry on the website, X wrote:

Apple uses the words “protect your privacy” by giving your data to an external AI that they don't understand and can't create themselves, which is not protecting privacy at all.

It is clearly visible that the ban on Apple devices is not a billionaire's bluff and such a ban may actually come into force. Taking into account the consistency in implementing Musk's previous decisions, employees of Tesla, Portal X, or SpaceX may actually soon be forced to change smartphones and computers.