A poem written on Ordinals sold at Sotheby's auction for $11,000!

The poem recorded on Ordinals was sold at one of the recent auctions of the Sotheby's stock house. The inscription reached a price of USD 11,000, which is a perfect confirmation of the huge interest in Bitcoin NFT tokens. Will artists now rush to enter their art on the BTC blockchain?

A poem saved on Ordinals – where did the idea for tokenizing poetry come from?

Art and money don't always go hand in hand. Every young (or not so young) artist who wants to make a living from art knows this clearly. However, the modern world offers so many opportunities that monetizing your own work is actually easier than ever before. The poet Ana Maria Coballero discovered this perfectly well and decided to go into the space currently explored by artists, i.e. tokenization.

The poet decided to create a poem, which was then saved on the BTC blockchain using the Ordinals protocol. The idea turned out to be so interesting that the poem written on Ordinals was auctioned at Sotheby's. As you know, this British auction house, founded in 1744, is well known for its interest in Web3 and NFT tokens. The poem “Cord” sold at auction for 0.28 BTC, or over $11,400. In addition to the inscription, the buyer will also receive a signed printout of the poem “Cord”.

Will poetry permanently appear on the BTC blockchain?

Interest in inscriptions saved on the blockchain of the oldest cryptocurrency is growing rapidly. It is worth mentioning that the poem recorded on Ordinals is the first individually sold poem in the 280-year history of the auction house, excluding manuscripts and books. The author herself is very happy with the high price of a single poem, commenting on the whole situation as follows:

This is an incredible opportunity to express that words, language and poetry have value in themselves. No extras, no images, no sound, no other kind of experience. Only the language of the poem, only its text, was sold.

Will the pioneering sale make poems written on Ordinals soon become an increasingly popular way to promote art and its authors? Given the growing hype for the BRC-20, this is very possible.

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