Trader21 analyzes the current situation on the cryptocurrency market

Cezary Głuch, known as Trader21, appeared on the Nam Depends channel. During the interview, he commented on the current geopolitical situation and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Trader21 remains in the cryptocurrency market

The interviewer noted that there are increases in the cryptocurrency market, but they are still not spectacular. Trader21 replied that the bull market has been going on for 14 months. He added that if someone is “seeing a bull market” now, they will probably return to the market when bitcoin breaks ATH.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are extremely cyclical assets

– he pointed out.

As he rightly noted, every cycle bitcoin falls by a smaller and smaller percentage, which “results from the psychology” of the market.

If cyclicality were to be maintained, we will see increases until October 2025.

– he said.

What is he investing in?

What does Trader21 invest in?

I had the most (capital) in bitcoin, then I had it in ether. For a while, I had a very short episode, at the beginning of the bull market, with MATIC, the capital of which I transferred into Bitcoin. Now the proportions look different. I have more ether than bitcoin. Bitcoin made slightly bigger gains than ether. I then systematically transferred capital

– he described his strategy.

He is even considering designing the composition of the investment basket to have 70% ETH and 30% BTC.

Where does this belief in ether come from? This is about potential ETFs on ETH.

I'll be moving on to altos in a while. I already have a few projects in mind. For now, I have several percent of my portfolio in cryptocurrencies today in ETH and BTC. I'm calm about it

– added.

When it comes to “exit moments”, sentiment is the most important for Trader21.

Typically, when there are big increases, people believe that the increases will get even bigger. They are entering the market, we have an extreme level of optimism. This is the best time to evacuate slowly. So far I haven't made any sales

– he summed up his argument.

As for his geopolitical concerns, he pointed out that Donald Trump's potential victory in the US elections may help stabilize the situation, because the Republican candidate will be able to reach an agreement with Russia.