Robert Kiyosaki tells how to invest in bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki shared with his fans advice on investing in Bitcoin, gold and silver. Especially beginner investors should listen to him.

Robert Kiyosaki says what to do when the bitcoin price drops

Kioysaki pointed out in his new post on X that he is often asked what he will do if Bitcoin crashes. His answer is great investment advice.

I'm often asked, “What happens if Bitcoin starts losing value?” My answer is the same for bitcoin, gold and silver. My answer is: “I would be happy and buy more when the situation stabilizes”

wrote on X.

Bitcoin rate and shopping opportunities

Of course, everyone is wise after the fact, but, as history teaches us, it is worth investing in a given security when it is cheap, its price is falling and the market sentiment is bad. Most often, we hear that a given cryptocurrency or stock will no longer increase in price and is not worth buying. Of course, there may be a situation in which these assets will actually no longer recover. This has not been the case with BTC so far. And there are many indications that this will not be the case for some time.

Today, 1 BTC costs USD 51,135, which translates into an approximately 1% drop per week. The price has barely changed since yesterday.

The mood remains good. The latest fear and greed index study showed a level of 72, which indicates greed. So we can see a slight decline in optimism, as the previous few studies pointed to extreme greed.

Ether fares better in this respect. 1 ETH costs USD 2,960, which means an increase of approximately 7% over 7 days and approximately 1% since yesterday.

On Ethereum, we also see a cooling of moods, although it still means the greed and fear index is at 72, i.e. greed. As with BTC, several previous studies showed extreme greed.