1, 2, 3. And this year even 4. The countdown to the Bitcoin halving begins! The European Halving Party and BFF24 are ahead of us

Soon, an interesting artistic and entertainment event will be held at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, which is a crossroads of independent film art, culture and technology, which, due to the year in which the fourth Bitcoin halving falls, is combined with a large party on this occasion. At the end of 2023, we mentioned it loosely in this article. Today we know more details about the program of one of the most important bitcoin events this year.

Half-party. Semi-conference. Semi-film festival

European Halving Party and BFF24the second edition of the unique film festival, which also had its debut at the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science in March 2023, are two twin events taking place in Warsaw on April 19-21, organized by the Bitcoin FilmFest project.

The program of these two combined events includes not only a film screening, but also unique attractions on the occasion of halving. The whole thing may therefore appeal to both experienced bitcoiners, including cinema lovers, as well as complete novices, whether in the field of independent film art or in the field of the financial and social revolution that bitcoin brings.

Two events in one and their program in an orange pill

From screenings both in the Kinoteka halls and on smaller and larger screens inside and outside the Palace of Culture and Science, through the Halving Games, workshops and networking sessions, meetings with filmmakers and leaders of European bitcoin communities, to a grand party on the occasion of the fourth halving – there are options. many. Below are some of them:

  1. The latest film productions, including 5 premiere titlescombining independent, libertarian cinema and the world of bitcoin. Dirty Coin: A Documentary About Bitcoin Mining, Death Athletic, Gods of Their Own Religion, Carl Menger: Notes on the Margin, Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, My Trust in You is Broken – these are just a few of the sample titles that will be displayed in three blocks, from Friday to Sunday inclusive (April 19-21). As befits a film festival, there will also be an official awards ceremony, which this year includes four categories: best film, best narrative, best short film and audience choice.
  2. Workshops and thematic meetingswhich will be led by both filmmakers and Bitcoiners actively working in many interesting areas – from financial education and the latest technology, to the possibilities of a decentralized labor market, or even meditation, philosophy and psychedelics.
  3. Halving Games and lots of additional attractions, such as:: European bowling tournament, laser paintball, film walk around Warsaw, improvisational music and poetry sessions (so-called slam + jam), speed-talent-matching, a time-limited option to make interesting business contacts and find a job in the world of Bitcoin.

In addition, of course, since we are talking about celebrating together, the program will also include music points with DJs and interesting visualizations, and finally the main part of the event, which is the European Halving – an event in the literal sense of the word, planned for April twentieth.

Taking into account that the above are only part of the attractions of these two combined events and the fact that the 420 planned participants will include numerous bitcoin communities from almost all over Europe, I think that these three April days can turn Warsaw into a real capital of solid bitcoin enthusiasts. money. If you want to be part of it, buy a ticket at an even lower Early Bird price, which you can additionally save by 12% with the code 'BITCOINPL'.

Tickets can be purchased directly on the project website, or for example via kicket.com.