PlanB doesn't change its mind. Bitcoin halving will raise the price of BTC to $300,000

An analyst hiding under the nickname PlanB claims that the halving will push the price of bitcoin first to USD 100,000, and ultimately to USD 300,000 in this cycle.

PlanB writes about halving

Many people assume that the current bitcoin cycle will be different than previous ones. They believe that BTC ETFs have disrupted cyclicality and it is no longer valid. PlanBthe creator of the BTC Stock-to-Flow pricing model, thinks otherwise.

The same thing has been visible on the cryptocurrency market for years. A halving is taking place in the Bitcoin network. The stock starts to rise after this event. Growth lasts approximately 1.5 years. Then the market overheats and a bear market begins. After that, timid growth begins, the accumulation stage, halving again and so on.

The division of the reward for miners causes the supply of new BTC to decrease by 50%. If demand is maintained or even increases (as has been the case so far), the rate is doomed to increase.

However, this cycle is a bit different. The high demand generated by US Bitcoin spot funds (ETFs) that were launched in January caused BTC to break its ATH – $69,000 – and register a new record of $73,700. This is surprising because in previous cycles bitcoin showed ATH only after halving.

The above surprised investors who were fascinated by schemes. However, the analyst who goes by the nickname PlanB does not change his mind. He remains adamant and still believes that after the halving, the cryptocurrency will increase in price to USD 100,000 this year, and in 2025 it will reach ATH of USD 300,000.

His followers have a similar opinion. In a survey that PlanB published on X late last month, voters indicated that bitcoin would cost $100,000 this year. As many as 71.9% voted for this scenario.

Bitcoin better than gold

PlanB added that it is a smart move to buy BTC six months before the halving and sell it 18 months later. He also pointed out that bitcoin is becoming a better asset than gold.

Cryptocurrency is becoming twice as rare as the precious metal. Experts from the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange believe similarly, stating that after the halving, Bitcoin's Stock-to-Flow ratio will double – to 112. In the case of gold, it will remain unchanged and amount to only 60.