Israel attacks Iran. The bitcoin price is positively surprising this time

But are we at risk of escalating the conflict in the Middle East? American media reported that the rockets fired by Israel hit a facility in Iran.

Israel responds to Iran

Fars news agency reported that there was an explosion at the airport in the Iranian city of Isfahan. However, no reason for the explosion was given. It was possible to assume an attack or simply an accident. Further facts were added by the AP agency, which reported that carriers from Dubai, Emirates and FlyDubai changed their flight routes over western Iran.

Today we know that the explosion was the result of an Israeli missile attack. This is a response to last week's drone and missile strike that Tehren carried out in response to an even earlier attack in Syria, which resulted in the deaths of, among others, two Iranian generals.

As an expert might say, we are dealing with an escalation ladder. First an assassination attempt, then mutual missile attacks. However, the situation now does not look as dangerous as, for example, a week ago, when the media suggested that a war would break out between the two countries. Currently, it is more like a scuffle than a preparation for a major conflict. The latter was averted a few days ago when the US was supposed to tell Tel-Aviv that it would not help it in a potential war with Iran.

Market reaction

How did the markets react to all this? Gold briefly broke through $2,400 again. It is currently below this level again. Silver reached USD 29, but there was also a correction.

Interestingly, at the same time there was a rebound in the bitcoin market. However, the increases continue here. 1 BTC already costs over USD 64,000 – currently USD 64,740. This translates into a price jump of 5.75% within 24 hours. The losses are also being made up within 7 days. One ether costs $3,102, which means an increase of 4.3% in 24 hours. Still, if someone invested in ETH a week ago, they are down 12%.