Will Solana attack the USD 600 level during the bull market? Analysts' opinions are divided

The cryptocurrency spring is already visible to the naked eye. Only during February, bitcoin increased by USD 20,000, and everything is happening even before the halving. Many investors hope that Solana will attack not only the ATH level, but will even reach USD 600. Analysts' opinions on such a large jump in SOL values ​​are divided.

Solana will attack ATH, but will she be able to climb higher?

The native Solana blockchain token has had its ups and downs in recent years. In 2021, solana reached its current ATH of $259. Then came the cryptocurrency winter, which was particularly severe due to salting. The year 2023 is a phoenix rising from the ashes, as in January the SOL rate was hovering around USD 10, and by the end of the year it rose to over USD 120.

Source – coingecko.com

The approval of BTC ETFs and the greenery that flooded the cryptocurrency market also resulted in another solan surge. Many analysts say that brine will attack not only ATH this time, but also much higher levels. Taking into account the growth of the entire market even before the halving, there is a good chance that analysts' predictions are accurate.

Solana will attack the USD 600 level.

SOL at $600?

Hansolar is an independent cryptocurrency analyst who often contributes to the X portal. One of the analyst's latest entries concerns SOL. According to him, salt will attack not only ATH, but will eventually reach the USD 600 level. This analysis is based on Solana's potential ability to replicate Ethereum (ETH) price trends that have been observed during previous cryptocurrency market cycles. Hansolar claims that:

Currently, SOL is around 50% below ATH, just as ETH was around 50% when BTC approached ATH in the previous cycle.

Although Hansolar's analysis is extremely optimistic, some analysts agree that the upcoming boom may push SOL to new ATH. This is primarily due to the market dynamics observed for several weeks and the interest in the Solana network.