Will an ethical hacker contribute to the development of the BTC ecosystem? Burak introduces new L2 “Brollups”

Ethical hacker Burak, known for mining the Lightning network bug, is working on a new layer 2 of the Bitcoin network. The main goal of these activities is to introduce the possibility of more frequent use of the BTC ecosystem in DeFi. The ethical hacker is also responsible for the Ark protocol, which is competitive to the Lightning network.

Ethical hacker Burak explains what Brollups will be

In a June 21 Medium post, Burak explains that Brollups is still in the design phase. This protocol will be a layer two network that allows for batching of transactions without the need for a BTC hark. The main goal of the project is to enable more frequent use of BTC in DeFi. The Brollups network will be managed by “operators” who will provide liquidity to the protocol and move the rollup state through on-chain BTC transactions at “regular time intervals.” According to Burak:

Whether it is listing an NFT for sale in exchange for Bitcoin, where the buyer pays with Bitcoin upon redemption, or placing a token sell order on a decentralized exchange, (all of it is) automatically ordered, verified, and scaled and executed on Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency community around the Web3 ecosystem is very enthusiastic about the Buraka project. The ethical hacker has received significant recognition in the BTC community for developing a solution that does not require a hard fork of BTC or the creation of a new token.

From hacking the Lightning network to building a competitive scaling solution

The story of the ethical hacker Burak is very intriguing because he became famous due to a hacker attack. In October 2022, Burak managed to use the Lightning network to cause all nodes to temporarily go out of sync. However, it turned out that no funds were stolen, but this highlighted the need for an urgent update for Lightning network operators.

Burak’s actions are somewhat reminiscent of the story of the all-time hacker, Kevin Mitnick, who died in 2023. This hacker had been breaking into telecommunications companies in the US for years in the 1980s and 1990s. His specialty was social engineering, a form of verbal manipulation of the weakest elements of the entire system.